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A selection of short Digital Marketing videos to help you with your digital marketing campaigns
In 2014, in association with HoneyComb Creative Works, GlowMetrics delivered 10 seminars across Ireland in digital marketing best practice for media and digital content companies.

The following videos and downloads were created alongside the seminars as supplementary resources in which we cover building your digital strategy, engagement, retention, promotion and advertising.

Building Your Digital Strategy

This video will prompt you to think about your approach to digital marketing. It uses the SOSTAC model – developed by PR Smith and used by millions of companies across the globe to help build a digital marketing plan.

Budgets & Measurement

Not sure how much money you need to put aside to run a digital campaign, or what you can expect from it? Budgeting and measurement is key to any successful digital campaign; this video will show you how to research and manage budget and KPI’s.

Social Media Marketing

In this video you will learn how to make the most out of your social channels. We’ll help you to understand which channel to choose, to knowing what type of content works best and when.

Customer Retention Using Email Marketing

Email marketing has become an integral part of a small business’ digital marketing strategy. Imagine trying to get someone to come back into your offline store after they’ve left – with email marketing it’s much easier.

Getting Your Business Found Via SEO

Do you want to improve your Google website rakings? Are you curious about the art of Search Engine Optimisation? In this short video, we’ll show you the tried and tested approaches that we have seen work.

Search Engine Marketing

Where do businesses across the UK and Ireland spend most of their digital budgets? On paid search! In this video session, find out why, and let us take you through the main points to consider when setting up an AdWords account.

Display Advertising

In this video session you will learn how to make your ads visible on some of the most visited websites in Ireland, including RTE and the Irish Times, on a limited budget.

Video Advertising

So you’ve built your video, now you just have to wait until it goes viral to get lots of views, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as that – but with a great video it’s not impossible either. In this session we’ll take you through some best practices.

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