Digital Strategy

Discover Your Most Effective Digital Marketing Channels.

Are you unsure as to which digital marketing channel is best to use to reach your potential and current customers? We can help you identify this and take you through the digital planning and management journey. The approach we take starts with researching your customers and identifying key performance indicators through to choosing digital channels to focus on, executing a strategy and managing it on an ongoing basis.

Customer Insights and Goals

Conducts a deep-dive into your analytics account to investigate the current customer base, identify how people are engaging with the site and sets goals and benchmarks in your analytics account to ensure effective campaign management.

Digital Channels

Entails mapping the correct channels to run digital marketing campaigns, based on your target audience. This may include Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing, Mobile Advertising.

Execution of Campaign

This stage involves the building out the digital campaigns within each interface and setting appropriate budgets, bids, targeting, ad scheduling and ensuring tracking parameters are in place.

Measurement and Management

After the campaigns have went live we identifying how each campaign is performing and continuously optimise campaigns based on what is working at achieving your goals: driving sales/leads/engagement.

Benefits of developing your digital strategy with GlowMetrics:

Better Understanding of Customer

Measurement Metric Benchmarking

Correlated Approach to Digital

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