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One of only two Google Tag Manager Certified companies in Ireland. We can help you implement your tracking without relying on your development team.

Google Tag Manager allows you to implement all of your analytics tracking, add custom code and control all other tags (e.g. remarketing) from one central login – you simply put a piece of code on your site which acts as a container, then any time you want to put a new tag on the site, you can do so via a user-friendly interface which will pop your new tags into the container for you – there’s no need to edit code directly or rely on your development team for assistance.

Analytics implementation is a specialist skill and not something that should be necessarily expected from your developers.  This is where we can help: we’ll work with you to understand exactly what it is you’d like to track on your site and implement all of the required tags for you via GTM. We’ll also make sure you understand exactly what we’ve done, why we’ve done it and how you can update the tags yourself in future should you need to.

GTM Account Setup & Tag Implementation

We’ll set up your GTM account (if you don’t already have one) and create all of the tags needed to fulfill your tracking requirements, test them to ensure they’re working 100% and publish them for you.


We’ll present our work to you so you understand the purpose behind each tag we’ve set up, how they work and leave you with the knowledge so you can create/amend tags yourself in future.

Ongoing Support

We’ll always be on hand to help you with any future site changes, updates or new tags needed so if you need advice or further assistance, we’ll only be an email or a phone call away.

Benefits of doing tag management with GlowMetrics:

Accurate Tracking

Better Marketing Tag Management

Greater Customer Insight

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