Search Engine Optimisation

Improve your website and increase your organic visibility on the Search Engine Results Pages.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the relevance and authority of your website in order to achieve higher rankings and drive organic traffic to your website. SEO should be a continual process where you endeavour to provide the best user experience for your visitors. We can help you with your SEO efforts in the following ways:

Search Engine Optimisation Audit

To give us an idea of the general technical health of your website, we carry out an in-depth analysis of various elements of your website. This could include analysis of your navigation, meta data, link profile, etc, as well as a list of prioritised recommendations on what you need to consider changing.

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Using the information gathered from carrying out the audit, we will then develop a strategy consisting of both on-page and off-page elements which is geared towards increasing your organic traffic and improving your presence on the search engine results pages.

Search Engine Optimisation Training

We also offer training in Search Engine Optimisation, which is designed to upskill your team to facilitate the management of SEO efforts in-house in order to maintain improved presence and rankings.

Benefits of doing search engine optimisation with GlowMetrics:

Better Visiblity on Google


Boost in Traffic

Boost in Sales/Leads

Partnership and Accreditation

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