Social Analytics

Track, Manage and Analyse Social Media Interactions.

Listening to the conversations your current (and prospective) customers are having about you on social media can provide invaluable insights and actionable opportunities.  

We can help you track, manage and analyse their social interactions:

Marketing Measurement

We can help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns – whether they’re social, digital or even offline – we can track the impact of your marketing via social media so you can better understand what creates a buzz online.

Competitor Benchmarking
Not only can we help you compare your social media activities to your competitors, we can also tell you what people are saying about them so you can see how your products or services shape up against the main opposition.
Influencer Identification

We can help you find the most influential people who are already talking about you, as well as key influencers in your industry so you can reach out to them, turn them into brand advocates and expand the reach of your future marketing plans.

Market Research / Brand Management
What are customers saying about you? What do they like and dislike? By looking at data from social networks, we can tell you exactly what people think about your products and your brand. Once we’ve listened to them, we can help you uncover actionable insights in order to improve your products, brand reputation and sales.
Monitoring and Alerts
We can provide 24-hour real-time monitoring and fully customisable alerts so if someone mentions a particular keyword on social or there’s a spike in volume, you’ll find out about it right away. We can also help you manage the crisis (if there is one).

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