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98FM: Case Study

We recently worked with 98FM on an Analytics project which was shortlisted at the 2015 Eir Spiders. Find out why below.

Project Aims & Overview
Following initial discussions about 98FM requirements, we outlined a solution to help ensure that their Google Analytics account was being used to its full potential accordingly.

We proposed a phased approach to the project: Workflow

Phase 1: Measurement Validation & Google Tag Manager Support – to ensure tracking was aligned with best practice and as much relevant data was collected as possible

The Measurement Validation section consisted of an audit of the set-up of the analytics account – from ensuring the code had been installed correctly, to ensuring interface settings had been configured correctly so insights could be reached in a more effective manner. This ranged from consulting on an appropriate account structure to building a custom template for online campaign tracking.

As part of Measurement Validation, we recommended 98fm install Google Tag Manager in order to simplify their tagging and tracking requirements.

Some recommendations that came from the Measurement Validation document required an update to the code installed on the website. We created a GTM account and created tags to track additional elements of the website, for example clicks on email addresses to listens to social shares.

Phase 2: Analysis & Insight – to evaluate recent site performance, analysing acquisition, user behaviour and outcomes

After the initial set-up audit and after we collected a sufficient amount of data, an analysis was conducted to evaluate the performance of the site based on its users’ interactions.

The document detailed information on how visitors were finding the site (acquisition analysis), what users were doing when they got there (user behavior & path analysis) and what happened as a result of their visit (outcome analysis).

We evaluated the customer journey- from the key paths users take through the site to understanding the most popular content areas and navigation elements on the site to inform where content could be culled or expanded upon. We also looked at how off air activity was impacting onsite visitor behavior and quality and identified groups of content that work well together for particular types of users e.g. competition crawlers versus live listeners versus entertainment news readers. We gained a better understanding of those visitors who choose to engage further with the site via social networks and were able to understand where they do this and after how long.

Phase 3: Optimisation – using the insights to suggest actionable changes to website content, UX and digital marketing to improve digital performance

A natural follow-on from gleaning the actionable insights, was the development of actions taken based on the insights. Examples of some of the things the Optimisation strategy supported was:

– Behaviour flow analysis which informed the movement of content and creation of sub categories within the navigation to support regional listeners

– Player interaction analysis- after evaluating the player interactions we identified elements of the old player that no-one clicked on or was interested in and recommended a different design for the player.

The social analytics element provided insight to allow 98FM to build better customer personas of their social following and schedule content based on this for example, using Facebook ads to target desktop listeners in the morning or mobile ads targeting commuters on their way home. We also provided recommendations for marketing budgets for 2016 based on patterns in visitor and external radio listenership trends from JNLR over the last 2 years.

Phase 4: Reporting – to put in place a structure to view KPI’s that are easily accessed and understood

Initially a set of performance dashboards were built (informed by the Analysis & Insights and Optimisation Strategy) along with a number of breakout dashboards for different areas of the business.

This included the set-up of:

  • Advanced segments
  • Custom reports (breaking down listenership in a variety of ways e.g. days of the week / hours of the day / location)
  • Intelligence alerts

Reports were then delivered on a monthly basis for the following 3 months split by:

  • Top level overview
  • Site category performance
  • Top 10 actionable insights

98FM have been able to use this information in a number of ways.  As part of the reporting aspect of the project, we set up a number of custom reports within Google Analytics so they can now see the busiest hours of the day and days of the week for online listeners – so they now have granular streaming metrics.  We also created a set of bespoke dashboards within Google Analytics so the key metrics for each section of the site can be found easily and at a glance.

Phase 5: Training – to train staff in Google Analytics so they were self sufficient once the project was completed

We developed customised training courses in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager covering some of the following areas: Tracking KPI’s / Custom Segments / Attribution / Setting up Tags & Triggers / Testing and Debugging in GTM.

Phase 6: Review Meetings – as and when necessary to review progress and provide consultation

Review meetings allow 98FM to continuously stay up to date with the latest developments in digital analytics while they also allow them to have quick access to customised reports.


This analytics project now allows 98FM to use data to proactively plan future content online, offline and on-air. The project has given 98FM the tools to transform the station further into a data-driven organisation who use numbers to inform strategic decision-making, data-led marketing campaigns and ultimately increase user engagement across the website for both written content and online listeners.

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