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We’re delighted with the impressive list of client projects that we’ve carried out over the years- some of them award-winning! Click below to filter by sector to read more.


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During the redevelopment of their website, 98FM contacted GlowMetrics in order to ensure their tracking requirements were in place before going live. They also wanted to have an intelligent reporting framework in place to reap actionable insights, further becoming a data-led organisation, optimising marketing campaigns and increasing user engagement across the website for both written content and online listeners.

We used Google Tag Manager to set up extensive tracking for their on-site streaming service, as well as a number of other significant user interactions which weren’t tracked before. Our Custom Reports also provided granular streaming metrics and our bespoke dashboards allowed key metrics to be seen at a glance.

We also produced a detailed breakdown of user behaviour and optimisation opportunities which could be taken on board for the site redevelopment. As a result, 98FM made a number of UX changes to the way content is delivered and the functionality of their streaming service, based on user interactions. Our work with 98FM was awarded bronze in the 2016 Digital Media Awards in the ‘Data and Analytics’ Category and also shortlisted in the 2015 Eir Spider Awards.

Newstalk got in touch in November 2016 whilst in the process of implementing a more data-centric, insight-led strategy to better inform both radio and written content on their website.

We embarked on an six-step analytics project which included a Google Analytics Audit & Tag Manager Implementation, Analysis & Insights, Optimisation, Data Visualisation, Training and Support which allowed them to maximise this strategy, ensuring confidence in their data, adding more extensive tracking and to analyse and ultimately better understand user behaviours, groups and patterns for all content across their website, apps and on-air. The ultimate aim was to ensure efficient use of data to make important business decisions in terms of commercial, content and overall usability, ensuring visitors get access to the content they want in the form they want it, while optimising commercial revenue streams.

In the three month’s immediately following the completion of our project (March-June 2017), Newstalk saw a 55% increase in Sessions, 117% increase in Users and 38% increase in Pageviews compared to the previous 3 month period. Compared to the same period in 2016, this was a 45% increase in Sessions, 89% increase in Users and 39% increase in Pageviews.

Today FM contacted us in 2016 as they began an extensive project to rethink their on-air and online content strategy. The purpose of the project was to ultimately inform the look, feel and design of their upcoming website redesign.

Our analytics project with Today FM had multiple phases – we were hands-on with the implementation of tracking on the new site, helped set up their GA account according to best practice, presented a 55 page document detailing historical user behaviour alongside an extensive list of recommendations and optimisation opportunities which they took into consideration when finalising the overall design, UX and content of their new website. We also helped them develop a reporting structure including the setup of key dashboards and automated reports, delivered a full day’s training and have been on hand to provide consultancy and support ever since.

As a support partner, we helped Today FM to better understand written content consumption and online listener behaviour, increase online visitor and listener numbers, improve user experience, build a framework for continuous improvement, understand which types of content work best for their audience and ensure that all strategic and commercial decisions are data-driven and underpinned by supporting evidence based on user behaviour.

Charity and Academic

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Barnardo’s got in touch in June 2015 as they had recently experienced problems with the reporting of traffic and conversions on They specifically wanted to ensure their tracking across all sites and microsites was implemented correctly, including goal setup and ecommerce; to assist with an analytics ‘action plan’ and the upskilling of staff members in the use of Google Analytics.

Based on their requirements, we worked together over a period of approximately 6 months. During that period, we helped them make sense of historical data anomalies, cleaned up and improved their existing technical setup, guided them with best practice for campaign tracking and delivered a full day’s training for their marketing team giving them the skills required to manage their analytical requirements in-house. As well as fulfilling the project requirements, we also set up more extensive on-site tracking via Google Tag Manager free of charge as part of our CSR remit.

Our analytics project with Barnardo’s gave them the confidence to use their data to proactively plan future strategic decisions. As a result, we won a prestigious Eir Spider in 2016 in the ‘Best Use of Data and Analytics’ category.

Griffith College contacted us in November 2015 as they wanted to expand the level of data being captured, specifically during the Application process on their website. At the time, they could only see the number of applications received.

We deployed an extensive Google Tag Manager setup to maximise their tracking – setting up Custom Dimensions to record user selections at every step of the application form. These Custom Dimensions allowed Griffith to create Custom Reports breaking down exactly which courses users were applying for – as well as a wealth of other information such as the selected campus, study type and so on – giving a holistic understanding of application activity. We also used Virtual Pageviews to push the values into newly generated URLs allowing us to create a goal funnel for the application process, giving a visual representation of the user journey for the first time.

Google Tag Manager training was also delivered as part of the project, allowing Griffith to manage simple tagging requirements in-house.  Since the original project, we’ve helped Griffith College to reproduce similar tracking for their Contact Form and continue to provide ongoing, bespoke consultancy and tagging work as and when required.  Our work with Griffith College was shortlisted in the 2017 Digital Media Awards and the 2016 Eir Spiders (which we won for our work with Barnardo’s!).

Utilities and Health Care

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The very first time we delivered to training to Electric Ireland, multi-channel funnel reports hadn’t even been introducted into Google Analytics reports – in other words, it was quite a while ago!

Fast forward to 2016. Electric Ireland were looking for training to prepare staff for the Google Analytics IQ exam. Replying to the brief, we worked to put together a custom-built training program structured around the Google Analytics IQ exam topic areas, embellished with details specific to the Irish utilities market and one which used their own Google Analytics and Tag Manager accounts.

We included tips and tricks that we use across Google Tag Manger and Google Analytics on a daily basis and and made provisions for calls pre and post slide preparation so that we could ensure the material incorporated well into the team’s daily tasks.

In addition to the slides, a set of sample test exam questions were included to be covered at the end of each session to test the level of learning, while homework was set in between sessions to reinforce the theory with practical learning.

We built a training course on the below topics:

Digital Analytics Fundamentals
Getting started with digital analytics, understanding and using Google Analytics data, collecting actionable data with Google Analytics, navigating Google Analytics reports and additional reporting configuration.

Google Analytics Platform Principles
Platform fundamentals, collection of data, processing and configuration of data, report settings and reports in detail (telling stories).

Ecommerce Analytics – From Data to Decisions
An introduction to ecommerce analytics, understanding customers (deep dive into understanding acquisition, purchasing and profiling) and understanding shopping behaviour through behaviour flows and a/b testing.

Mobile App Analytics
Introduction to mobile app analytics, attracting new users, measuring behaviour with events and custom dimensions and metrics and increasing revenue through re-engagement.

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
Starting out with Google Tag Manager, setting up Google Tag Manager, collecting data using the data layer, variables, events and using additional tags for marketing and remarketing.

Preparing for the exam
Discussing the format, tips and tricks and practice exam questions.

The course was spread across 6 weeks to give adequate time to mix theory with practical learning; all course participants successfully completed and passed the Google Analytics IQ exam, first time. Following this course, Electric Ireland further appointed GlowMetrics to deliver a bespoke Search Engine Optimisation training course to their wider Marketing team.

VHI got in touch in January 2016 with a request for analytics support, focusing on three key areas:- Audit of their existing GA, GTM and Search Console setup / Development of Tools and Existing Technical Setup / Development of Staff.

Over the following 6 months, we embarked on a phased, strategic project which ensured VHI’s tracking issues were resolved, accounts streamlined, old tags removed, and errors eradicated. On top of this we helped set in place reporting structures which have allowed them to become an even more data-centric organisation making informed business decisions based on meaningful user interactions. We also provided actionable insights based on historical data to guide their ongoing UX developments and helped them hire a full time member of staff to focus on web analytics with the skills required to develop their data strategy going forward.

In the three months immediately following the delivery of the Analysis, Insights & Optimisation phase of our project, VHI’s online revenue increased by 19.55%, their ecommerce conversion rate increased by 4.61% and their overall number of transactions increased by 20.63%.

Our project with VHI was shortlisted in the ‘Best Use of Data and Analytics’ Category at the 2016 Eir Spiders. (We actually won the award for our work with Barnardo’s!)

Ecommerce and Auto

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Eyelids Reading Glasses approached GlowMetrics back in April 2016. They had achieved moderate online success but were seeking to propel this through improving the search engine visibility of their website ( and by supercharging their current Google Ads campaign.

We went back to them with a solution that involved an audit on their Google Ads and Analytics accounts and an SEO audit that would weed out any obvious blocks to better SEO.

Google Analytics-wise, we noticed inconsistencies with tracking and funnel reporting, incorrect filters added and found additional tracking elements like site search were not being recorded.

On the SEO side, there were search console reports showing inbound links from spammy websites, incorrect target countries set and 404 error pages being generated.

For Google Ads, we looked at implementing a stronger account structure that could facilitate growth, campaigns that could be created based on refreshed keyword research and a/b testing of ad copy to tease out messages that were resonating with searchers.

Once the recommendations had been implemented from the audits, we embarked on providing a monthly management service to manage SEO and Google Ads.

Some of the highlights over the last year and a half have included:

– Testing, reviewing, revising Facebook Ad campaign messages

– Expanding the account out to French, German and Spanish markets across Bing and Google Ads

– Providing landing page recommendations powered by Google Analytics intelligence

– Moving parts of the reporting to real-time reporting with Data Studio

– Implementing Google Tag Manager to help save on development costs

– Revamping the entire Google Ads account so each new language site has its own stand-alone Google Ads account

– Managing SEO for the UK, Ireland, French, Germany, Spain and Netherland sites

Back in March 2016, the UK Campaign was generating half the amount of revenue that it was spending. Fast forward to July 2017 and Ecommerce Conversion Rate on the site has increased 223%, transactions are up 225% and revenue is up 230% with a spend of only €500 more per month!

What about Organic search traffic? This increased for the same period by 76%, Ecommerce Conversion Rate increased by 130%, transactions were up 304% and revenue up 328%!

So what’s next for Eyelids Reading Glasses? Continued world domination of the Reading Glasses Market!

We first started working with Speedy Reg in 2014 where we undertook an Analytics project – working with them to ensure their setup was accurate, generating actionable insights and helping to optimise their digital marketing. In the three months following the completion of our initial project, online revenue increased by almost 10%.

In March 2016, we started looking after SpeedyReg’s SEO. carrying out extensive keyword research, writing meta data, helping with social media, UX, CRO, transitioning to their new website and extensive monthly reporting just to name a few!

Since March 2017, Speedy Reg’s organic traffic has been the highest it’s ever been, beating the previous highest monthly traffic which was over 5 years ago!

When we began our SEO work, Speedy Reg had 16 top keywords in positions 1-3 – one year later, they had more than four times as many. Year-on-year, Users from organic traffic have increased by 118.19% and revenue also increased by a massive 59.4% during the same period.

ŠKODA Ireland approached us about delivering Google Ads training to their dealers after a recommendation from SEAT who we had built and delivered a similar training session for.

To start, it was clear that dealers had varying levels of knowledge of Google Ads – some dealers had more experience with Google Ads than others, some had an existing Google Ads account managed either in-house or by an agency and some didn’t have a Google Ads account. Therefore, we compiled a customised needs assessment for each dealership so that we could split dealers into groups and the training sessions would fit their existing (or non-existent) knowledge of Google Ads.

As part of the needs assessment, we made it mandatory that:

a) The dealers had a prior commitment to spending some of their marketing budgets on Google Ads.
b) The people who were going to be managing the account or agency on an ongoing basis were in the room.

We developed a two-part training session, the first covering the set-up of an account for those who had either no Google Ads account or very limited knowledge, and the second to teach existing account holders how to manage and optimise their account on a regular basis.

We got in touch with our Google Account Managers and organised for the first session to be held in Google Barrow Street offices to heighten the excitement and thirst for Google Ads. In addition to this, two of our account managers would kick off the first session looking at key micro-moments in automotive retail and at a real life story of someone’s path to purchasing a car (online).

The initial session would also allow time for dealers to create their own account and their first campaign which would educate them on the targeting and bidding options. It would also allow them to see how keywords, ad copy and landing page selection fits together and finish with guidelines on how the account should be expanded.

It was decided there would then be at least 2 weeks before the second session would take place, during which a pre-defined account build would be loaded into each dealer account, with keywords and ad copy specific to dealer location and dealer brand. These accounts would also be built inline with ŠKODA EU marketing guidelines.

The second session would then include a recap of session 1, introduce dealers to their new expanded account and provide them with guidelines on how to run a Google Ads account. They would also learn how to create goals in Google Analytics and import these into Google Ads so they could be used as conversion tracking. They would be left with guidance on daily, weekly and monthly campaign measurement and optimisation tactics.

We would then incentivise dealers with account vouchers; Google would match their Google Ads spend with up to €120 free credit in month 2.


Each appointed participant from the dealership was presented with a certificate; all were very complimentary of the training and all dealers took advantage of the free credit voucher.

Today, over 60% of the dealerships continue to invest in Google Ads.

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