From the kitchen table in 2013 to Multi-Award Winning Google Certified Partners in 2019!

Our team is packed with digital experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in digital analytics and digital marketing. Our team is incredibly dedicated to our clients and helping them succeed in the digital world.

Who we are…

GlowMetrics started on the back of a wealth of digital marketing experience and by a drive to ensure businesses get the most out of their marketing campaigns through better measurement.

And today we still all hold that same value – using what we’ve learned to help our clients excel online.

We’ve decades of experience behind us, having pivoted and upskilled along the way.  We all have our own areas that we specialise in but teamwork makes the dream work – we each have a responsibility to ensure both individually, and as a team, we follow our chosen areas to keep up to speed with an ever-evolving digital landscape.

We all started on different paths with a diverse range of studies behind us – from drama and culture, languages to psychology and media studies to marketing but we’ve been able to apply just about every flavour of our studies to the projects we’ve worked on.

From using our drama skills to devise an EU-wide Bingo Game presented by our in-house Bingo Quizmaster Extraordinaire for one of our Entertainment clients to using our psychology background to craft clever user tests through Optimise – the beauty of a small team is being able to blend our multi-dimensional skills across client accounts.

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