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We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to have worked with an impressive list of clients on some forward-thinking projects.



ŠKODA Ireland approached us about delivering Google Ads training to their dealers after a recommendation from SEAT who we had built and delivered a similar training session for.

Dealers had varying levels of knowledge of Google Ads – some dealers had more experience with Google Ads than others, some had an existing Google Ads account managed either in-house or by an agency and some didn’t have a Google Ads account.

representatives from Skoda dealerships attended

vouchers were used as campaign incentives

of the dealerships continue to invest heavily in Google Ads

Therefore, we compiled a customised needs assessment for each dealership so that we could split dealers into groups and the training sessions would fit their existing (or non-existent) knowledge of Google Ads.

We developed a two-part training session and organised for the first session to be held in Google Barrow Street offices to add to the experience. In addition to this, two of our Google account managers kicked off the first session looking at key micro-moments in automotive retail and at a real-life story of someone’s path to purchasing a car (online).

The initial session would also allow time for dealers to create their own account and their first campaign then before the second session a predefined account build would be loaded into each dealer account, with keywords and ad copy specific to dealer location and dealer brand- built in line with ŠKODA EU marketing guidelines. We then incentivised dealers with Google account vouchers. Each appointed participant from the dealership was presented with a certificate; all were very complimentary of the training and all dealers took advantage of the free credit voucher. Today, over 60% of the dealerships continue to invest heavily in Google Ads.

We’ve worked with GlowMetrics since 2016 developing customized Google Ads training for ŠKODA dealers. Feedback from dealers has been fantastic with dealers starting to invest in Google Ads and see the benefits for their business. GlowMetrics have been fantastic to work with and we look forward to continuing to work with them.
Eimear Walshe




Speedy Reg (SEO)

We first started working with Speedy Reg in 2014 where we undertook an Analytics project – working with them to ensure their setup was accurate, generating actionable insights and helping to optimise their digital marketing.

In the three months following the completion of our initial project, online revenue increased by almost 10%.

higher average organic users per month now


increase in average monthly revenue via organic traffic

months - the amount of time it took to double monthly average organic users

Our Process…

In March 2016, we started looking after SpeedyReg’s SEO. carrying out extensive keyword research, writing meta data, helping with social media, UX, CRO, transitioning to their new website and extensive monthly reporting just to name a few!

When we began our SEO work, Speedy Reg had 16 top keywords in positions 1-3 – one year later, they had more than four times as many.

Since March 2016 up until as recently as June 2020, Speedy Reg’s organic traffic has been the highest it’s ever been, in 11 months we had doubled the average number of users on a monthly basis, in 18 months we had tripled average monthly users and we’ve been able to maintain this level of monthly traffic with steady increases to reach a level of monthly organic traffic that is now quadruple organic users compared to when we started working with Speedy. Most importantly monthly average revenue via organic traffic has increased by 750%!

We’ve worked with GlowMetrics since 2014 – we started with a SEO audit before they took over monthly management of our SEO. Just last month we achieved the highest organic traffic levels since mid 2012. They have also recently been helping us build on our social presence and organic social traffic has risen 969%.
Jayne Henry

Speedy Reg


Speedy Reg (Google Optimise)

Having worked closely together for a number of years managing Speedy Reg’s SEO, they wanted to explore further methods of enhancing their website, both in terms of user experience and conversion rates. We conducted a full analysis of the website and audience, recommending several user experience optimisation tests.

Test Sessions


More CTA Clicks


Increase to Conversion Rate

One of our proposed A/B tests involved changing the text on Call To Action buttons that appear next to each product throughout the website, primarily shown to the users when browsing search results, product lists and category pages. We changed the text from Buy / Enquire to More Info, and tested these two variations over nearly 14,500 sessions, finding a 90.99% increase in the number of clicks for our new design.

However this test didn’t reveal the overall optimal design, so we set up a second iteration of the experiment, introducing three additional text changes: Buy Now, View and Details. We tested all five variations of the button across more than 41,250 sessions, with each variation being presented to 20% of users. We found that three of the four new designs significantly improved Click Through Rate, with More Info generating the biggest improvement of 81%, as well as an increase of 93% for conversion rate. This second test confirmed that More Info is the best design choice for these CTA buttons on the website, optimising both user experience and conversion rates.

We’ve worked with GlowMetrics since 2014 – we started with a SEO audit before they took over monthly management of our SEO. Just last month we achieved the highest organic traffic levels since mid 2012. They have also recently been helping us build on our social presence and organic social traffic has risen 969%.
Jayne Henry

Speedy Reg



Eyelids Reading Glasses pride themselves on offering good quality glasses at a low price. They approached GlowMetrics to help explore how they could attract more customers to their website through the use of Google Ads, specifically Google Search and Shopping campaigns.

What we achieved…


increase in Revenue


increase in PPC sales


drop in cost-per-conversion

Eyelids started with websites and PPC Campaigns in just the UK and Ireland. However, as their business has expanded so have their Google Ads accounts and we now manage successful, multi-lingual accounts across several European markets including Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. We’ve worked with Eyelids for many years and every year we’re pleased to see more sales, revenue and their Google Ads campaigns help them hit their business goals.
We have been working with GlowMetrics since 2016. We are very pleased with their attention to detail and we feel at times that Eyelids Reading Glasses is their company. Communication and response to emails, is prompt and clear. Their understanding of digital marketing is up to date with current trends and fits our requirements.
Natalie Counahan- Eyelids Reading Glasses
Natalie Counahan

Eyelids Reading Glasses


NI Job Finder

Northern Ireland’s leading job website, nijobfinder, got in touch with GlowMetrics to discuss an audit of their existing Google Analytics setup in 2017 while preparing for the launch of their new website in January 2018.

What we achieved…

custom variables


YOY increase in application leads from mobile


overall increase in applications Y-O-Y

GlowMetrics helped nijobfinder move away from hard-coded Google Analytics tracking to the use of Google Tag Manager to allow them more flexibility and to future-proof their analytics configuration.

We used GTM to implement an extensive tracking plan which involved 60+ custom variables and 10+ custom dimensions which we then used to feed into a custom built suite of real-time reports using Google Data Studio.

The reports pulled in data both from Google Analytics and from their mySQL database, allowing an interactive real-time, holistic view of web performance which further enhanced their ability to make data-driven decisions, leading to a 45% year-on-year increase in application leads from mobile and a 20% overall increase in applications year-on-year.

GlowMetrics were a pleasure to work with. Both Joanne and Michael showed a genuine interest in our business and understood our requirements for real-time reporting, which would be easily accessible to our product, commercial and marketing teams.

The work carried out by GlowMetrics, both within Google Analytics and Google Data Studio, has greatly enhanced our ability to further use our Business Intelligence to improve both user experience on our website and continue to deliver for our recruitment clients.

Keira Kidd

Belfast Telegraph


Fraser Hart

We worked with Anthony Nicholas Group to implement all web tracking for their newly redesigned websites for renowned jewellers, Fraser Hart (UK) and Fields (IE).

What we achieved…

Tags across two websites

Tag Types covering a range of integrations

Months ongoing consultancy

This project included creating a measurement plan to ensure the tracking of major and intricate user interactions across both websites – from browsing to researching to their purchase journeys; making sure this data is available in Google Analytics for analysis.

We also supported conversion tracking across ad platforms including Bing, Google Ads and Facebook and ensured successful ecommerce tracking integration with third party payment platforms.

We worked with Michael and Joanne from GlowMetrics to get our websites tracked and help us with other tracking queries. Michael did the majority of the setup and he was amazing, very fast and thorough and also honest in what we needed/didn’t need. He’s since helped the team with several other tracking related questions, whether it was social or PPC. We are now in a position to properly analyse our websites, create more detailed reports, discover insights and action on them to help improve our online KPIs. I highly recommend GlowMetrics to anyone who need support around Google Analytics and tracking.
Michaela Thode

Anthony Nicholas Group

Media & Entertainment


During the redevelopment of their website, 98FM contacted GlowMetrics in order to ensure their tracking requirements were in place before going live. They also wanted to have an intelligent reporting framework in place to reap actionable insights, further becoming a data-led organisation, optimising marketing campaigns and increasing user engagement across the website for both written content and online listeners.

What we achieved…

month long analytics project driven by data

Digital Media Awards Bronze Winner

Eir Spider Award Finalist

We used Google Tag Manager to set up extensive tracking for their on-site streaming service, as well as a number of other significant user interactions which weren’t tracked before. Our Custom Reports also provided granular streaming metrics and our bespoke dashboards allowed key metrics to be seen at a glance.
We also produced a detailed breakdown of user behaviour and optimisation opportunities which could be taken on board for the site redevelopment.

As a result, 98FM made a number of UX changes to the way content is delivered and the functionality of their streaming service, based on user interactions. Our work with 98FM was awarded bronze in the 2016 Digital Media Awards in the ‘Data and Analytics’ Category and also shortlisted in the 2015 Eir Spider Awards.

98FM had recently moved into a space where data analytics was becoming more important to our business decisions, particularly our marketing plans. By working with GlowMetrics, we were able to have greater insight into our online users which has helped us improve our user experience considerably in order to increase our online listenership particularly.
Kathryn Ryan



Newstalk got in touch in November 2016 whilst in the process of implementing a more data-centric, insight-led strategy to better inform both radio and written content on their website.

What we achieved…


increase in Sessions


increase in Users


increase in Pageviews

We embarked on an six-step analytics project which included a Google Analytics Audit & Tag Manager Implementation, Analysis & Insights, Optimisation, Data Visualisation, Training and Support which allowed them to maximise this strategy, ensuring confidence in their data, adding more extensive tracking and to analyse and ultimately better understand user behaviours, groups and patterns for all content across their website, apps and on-air. The ultimate aim was to ensure efficient use of data to make important business decisions in terms of commercial, content and overall usability, ensuring visitors get access to the content they want in the form they want it, while optimising commercial revenue streams.

In the three months immediately following the completion of our project (March-June 2017), Newstalk saw a 55% increase in Sessions, 117% increase in Users and 38% increase in Pageviews compared to the previous 3-month period. Compared to the same period in 2016, this was a 45% increase in Sessions, 89% increase in Users and 39% increase in Pageviews.

Joanne & Michael have been instrumental in aiding our data-led approach to content across the station on air and online. For us, it’s all about finding the actionable insights and GlowMetrics have made this possible. The bespoke training provided to our team has helped bring everyone into the fold when it comes to our numbers and build confidence around our insights-led decisions.
Amanda Connolly


Stage Entertainment (Consultancy)

With offices in seven different countries, a fragmented digital landscape, a classic ‘waterfall’ mindset and limited in-house eCommerce capabilities…realising a digital transformation and a new digital landscape was a major challenge for Stage Entertainment.

What we achieved…

tags across five websites

successful GAIQ graduates

suites of custom dashboards

The digital transformation of Stage Entertainment got named ‘Next Stage’. The official kick-off took place in the presence of various departments from different countries, the headquarters and external partners including GlowMetrics. Next Stage soon became a movement within the organization. The manifest was simple: No more decisions based on opinions or gut feelings alone. From now on, all new concepts, UX Design and website optimizations will be validated with customer data and customer feedback through UX and A/B tests, User Interviews. The result was a brand-new digital landscape across 5 local and global websites.

Our support in helping Stage achieve the above included:

1. Google Tag Manager: Custom GTM tracking including 200+ tags across five websites covering markets in NL, ES, DE, FR and their corporate website. This implementation facilitated more in-depth user behaviour analysis, advanced KPI tracking and A/B testing.

2. Google Analytics: Facilitated the move from a free version of Google Analytics to an Enterprise level version to ensure a smooth transition to a consistent, data-led account configuration.

3. Google Data Studio: To better visualise the client’s data, we produced a series of dynamic and interactive dashboards, including an overview for a Google Analytics 360 Roll-up Property, customised reports for individual markets’ requirements, and real-time data and results from A/B tests in Google Optimize.

4. Google Optimise: We also helped to design and implement an ongoing testing structure using Google Optimize. This involved creating and conducting multiple A/B tests to identify areas of potential optimisation, using live data from real users. These iterative tests provide data driven evidence as to the impact of each aspect changed on the website, the basis of which can be used to continuously improve the user experience and conversion rate.

GlowMetrics is very service orientated, fast, down to earth and always able to deliver high quality support in our digital transformation journey.

Martijn Spaargaren

Stage Entertainment

Stage Entertainment (Training)

Stage Entertainment are a world-wide stage production company who produce live theatrical events from the Tina Turner musical to Anastasia, Mamma Mia to the Lion King.

On the back of our successful partnership in supporting them transition to a data and insight-led company, we helped Stage instil this knowledge in Stage members by crafting an 8-week training course that allowed Stage members to use interactive and visually-pleasing content to help them study for the Google Analytics IQ exam. They were also encouraged to apply learnings to each of their markets through custom-set tasks and assessments. A live-streamed Bingo Ball competition, videos, assessments and tasks each week, alongside a detailed challenge statistic leader board helped build and keep momentum during the 8 weeks. All graduates successfully passed the exam on their first attempt and the course has now been rolled out to multiple teams.

What we achieved…

successful GAIQ graduates


bingo balls spun

GlowMetrics is very service orientated, fast, down to earth and always able to deliver high quality support in our digital transformation journey.

Martijn Spaargaren

Stage Entertainment

Today FM

Our analytics project with Today FM had multiple phases – we were hands-on with the implementation of tracking on the new site, helped set up their GA account according to best practice, presented a 55 page document detailing historical user behaviour alongside an extensive list of recommendations and optimisation opportunities which they took into consideration when finalising the overall design, UX and content of their new website.

What we achieved…

of new event data collected

page audit delivered

custom widgets on podcasts and show data



Griffith College contacted us as they wanted to expand the level of data being captured, specifically during the Application process on their website. At the time, they could only see the number of applications received.

What we achieved…

years support

tags implemented

award finalists

We deployed an extensive Google Tag Manager setup to maximise their tracking – setting up Custom Dimensions to record user selections at every step of the application form. These Custom Dimensions allowed Griffith to create Custom Reports breaking down exactly which courses users were applying for – as well as a wealth of other information such as the selected campus, study type and so on – giving a holistic understanding of application activity. We also used Virtual Pageviews to push the values into newly generated URLs allowing us to create a goal funnel for the application process, giving a visual representation of the user journey for the first time.

Google Tag Manager training was also delivered as part of the project, allowing Griffith to manage simple tagging requirements in-house. Our work with Griffith College was shortlisted in the 2017 Digital Media Awards and the 2016 Eir Spiders. Since the original project started 5 years ago, we are still Griffith’s digital analytics consultancy partners and continue to provide ongoing, bespoke consultancy and tagging work as and when required.

I cannot fault the service provided by GlowMetrics to date. The quality of their reporting and quick response times has enabled us to keep on top of any issues, bugs or confusion we sometimes have trying to interpret the data. We are now in a much stronger position to make better marketing decisions as a result of their excellent service.
Rob Hough

Griffith College


Chartered Accountants Ireland

In the early stages of a website redevelopment project, Chartered Accountants Ireland contacted us to conduct an audit on the existing tracking on the website, with a view towards helping to implement tracking and reporting for their upcoming redesigned site.

What we achieved…

Personalised Experiences


Increase to Form Completion


Increase to Account Creation

This required establishing a tracking set-up that would ensure as much accurate, meaningful data was captured from user interactions as possible, providing a better understanding of visitors, in addition to an optimised user experience and website functionality. All of these factors could ultimately be used to identify actionable insights towards making strategy, data-driven business decisions.

1) Google Analytics Audit: An extensive Analytics audit highlighted significant areas of potential improvement. We resolved any outstanding issues, ensuring best practice setup while making optimisations and improvements across the account.

2) Google Tag Manager Implementation: We greatly expanded on the tracking capabilities of the site, adding an array of tags for tracking events and other user interactions. We also created Custom Dimensions, allowing users to be placed into audience segments based on on-site actions and behaviour.

3) Reporting with Google Data Studio: We created 8 custom dashboards, that allowed for the easy interpretation and distribution of visual representations of the website data.

4) Ongoing Consultancy: Using the tracking capabilities implemented earlier in the process, and the visual dashboards used to best represent the collected data, we could provide numerous actionable insights on a monthly basis.

Our initial project with Chartered Accountant Ireland won an Eir Spider in 2018 and 4 years since we started working with Chartered Accountants Ireland we are still their digital analytics consultancy partners and continue to provide ongoing, bespoke consultancy and training.

Working with GlowMetrics has given us access to expertise which we do not have in-house. GlowMetrics listened to our requirements and delivered a range of dashboards for different departments who are all targeting different goals. They were very fast in translating our requirements into goals and reports. We also have started using Google Data Studio which makes it easy to analyse traffic by audience type. Once set-up we can manipulate the parameters ourselves, which makes it very versatile for us. We are very happy with the level of support we get.
Lorna Daly

Chartered Accountants Ireland



Folens approached us in spring 2020 to help them craft a series of workshops- to be focused on digital campaign optimisation and help support their marketing team in running campaigns across Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The result was:

hours of training

digital marketing areas covered

Tips and Tricks delivered

Joanne and Glowmetrics delivered excellent workshops, tailormade to our company needs. Glowmetrics clearly do their homework on their client needs so that we can get the most out of each session. I would highly recommend Glowmetrics and their expertise in the digital marketing space.
Elizabeth Ivory

Head of Marketing & Communications,, Folens



Barnardo’s got in touch with GlowMetrics as they had experienced problems with the reporting of traffic and conversions on They specifically wanted to ensure their tracking across all sites and microsites was implemented correctly, including goal setup and ecommerce; to assist with an analytics ‘action plan’ and the upskilling of staff members in the use of Google Analytics.

What we achieved…

pages of insight delivered

month project

Eir Spider won

Based on their requirements, we worked together over a period of approximately 6 months. During that period, we helped them make sense of historical data anomalies, cleaned up and improved their existing technical setup, guided them with best practice for campaign tracking and delivered a full day’s training for their marketing team giving them the skills required to manage their analytical requirements in-house. As well as fulfilling the project requirements, we also set up more extensive on-site tracking via Google Tag Manager free of charge as part of our CSR remit.

Our analytics project with Barnardo’s gave them the confidence to use their data to proactively plan future strategic decisions. As a result, we won a prestigious Eir Spider in 2016 in the ‘Best Use of Data and Analytics’ category.

GlowMetrics worked with Barnardo’s to help clean up and improve our Analytics account, and also to put stronger strategies in place for analysis and optimisation. They gave very welcome clarity to this area and clear, actionable directions for improvements. GlowMetrics went well above and beyond, and we were really happy with the outcome of our project.
Jean O’Brien


Buddy Bear Trust

The Buddy Bear Trust is a registered Charity that uses Conductive Education to help children with cerebral palsy and motor disorders. Set up over 20 years ago, the school can only admit 12 children on a part-time basis and receives limited funding from the government. We worked with the school to successfully apply for the Google Grant programme.

What we achieved…

media grant per year

extra visitors to the website

donation enquiries

GlowMetrics has voluntarily worked with the Buddy Bear Trust since 2009. During that time they have helped increase our online presence via social, search and online PR and were key to getting close to £7,000 free media investment per month on Google for the last 3 years via Google grants. This alone has generated over 50,000 extra visitors to the website.
Brendan Mc Conville

Buddy Bear Trust


Electric Ireland

The very first time we delivered training to Electric Ireland, multi-channel funnel reports hadn’t even been introduced into Google Analytics reports – in other words, it was quite a while ago!

Fast forward a few years and Electric Ireland were looking for training to prepare staff for the Google Analytics IQ exam.

What we achieved…

academy students

weeks training

Google Analytics Audits

We worked to put together a custom-built training program structured around the Google Analytics IQ exam topic areas, embellished with details specific to the Irish utilities market and one which used their own Google Analytics and Tag Manager accounts.

We included tips and tricks that we use across Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on a daily basis and made provisions for calls pre and post slide preparation so that we could ensure the material incorporated well into the team’s daily tasks.In addition to the slides, a set of sample test exam questions were included to be covered at the end of each session to test the level of learning, while homework was set in between sessions to reinforce the theory with practical learning.

We built a training course on the below topics:

Digital Analytics Fundamentals: Getting started with digital analytics, understanding and using Google Analytics data, collecting actionable data with Google Analytics, navigating Google Analytics reports and additional reporting configuration.

Google Analytics Platform Principles: Platform fundamentals, collection of data, processing and configuration of data, report settings and reports in detail (telling stories).

Ecommerce Analytics – From Data to Decisions: An introduction to ecommerce analytics, understanding customers (deep dive into understanding acquisition, purchasing and profiling) and understanding shopping behaviour through behaviour flows and a/b testing.

Mobile App Analytics: Introduction to mobile app analytics, attracting new users, measuring behaviour with events and custom dimensions and metrics and increasing revenue through re-engagement.

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals: Starting out with Google Tag Manager, setting up Google Tag Manager, collecting data using the data layer, variables, events and using additional tags for marketing and remarketing.
Preparing for the exam: Discussing the format, tips and tricks and practice exam questions.

The course was spread across 6 weeks to give adequate time to mix theory with practical learning; all course participants successfully completed and passed the Google Analytics IQ exam, first time. Following this course, Electric Ireland further appointed GlowMetrics to deliver a bespoke Search Engine Optimisation training course to their wider Marketing team.

We have had great success working with GlowMetrics as they carried out a full analytics audit for 4 of our department websites. They are very thorough in their work and have a great way of explaining the results to staff who are both beginner and advanced users of Google Analytics. I would highly recommend GlowMetrics to anyone looking for analytics advice.
Susan Whyte


Health Care


Vhi Healthcare

Vhi initially got in touch with a request for analytics support, focusing on three key areas: – Audit of their existing GA, GTM and Search Console setup / Development of Tools and Existing Technical Setup / Development of Staff.

What we achieved…


increase in online revenue

Glow Analytics Academy Graduates

GTM and GA Improvements

Over the following 6 months, we embarked on a phased, strategic project which ensured VHI’s tracking issues were resolved, accounts streamlined, old tags removed, and errors eradicated. On top of this we helped set in place reporting structures which have allowed them to become an even more data-centric organisation making informed business decisions based on meaningful user interactions. We also provided actionable insights based on historical data to guide their ongoing UX developments and helped them hire a full-time member of staff to focus on web analytics with the skills required to develop their data strategy going forward.

In the three months immediately following the delivery of the Analysis, Insights & Optimisation phase of our project, VHI’s online revenue increased by 19.55%, their ecommerce conversion rate increased by 4.61% and their overall number of transactions increased by 20.63%.

Our project with VHI was shortlisted in the ‘Best Use of Data and Analytics’ Category at the 2016 Eir Spiders. (We actually won the award for our work with Barnardo’s!) Since the original project started 4 years ago, we are still Vhi’s digital analytics consultancy partners and continue to provide ongoing, bespoke consultancy and training.

GlowMetrics have been a great partner to us as we try to both improve and develop our analytics strategy. They’ve helped drive a better focus on optimisation and efficiency across our web platforms.
Maeve O’Gorman

Vhi Healthcare


The Glow Analytics Academy is crafted around the Google Analytics IQ Exam. This was last delivered in the Chartered Accountants Ireland House and covered Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio with all participants successfully passing the GAIQ exam.

What we achieved…

hours of training

digital analytics modules

successful Glow Academy graduates

The Google Analytics course delivered by Joanne and the GlowMetrics team was extremely professional with just the right mix of theory and practical exercises to prepare for the GA exam. What I have gained from the course is a much deeper understanding of the platform which in turn empowered me to deliver additional metrics and more actionable insights for our client base. I would have no hesitation in recommending the GlowMetrics team!
Elaine Cameron




Support To Perform provide solutions to help optimise the health and wellbeing of their clients’ workforces and employees, to both enhance engagement and maximise productivity. This includes offering personalised health and wellness coaching services, group programmes, and wellbeing opportunities.

What we achieved…

Challenge Participants

Leaderboard Sessions

Data Widgets

GlowMetrics were tasked with finding an innovative solution as to how data from a new wellness programme, The 100 Day Challenge, could be presented back to each participant in a way that would maintain interest, excitement, and engagement throughout the duration of the challenge. Google Data Studio provided an excellent and accessible platform for data visualisation.

Our experience with creating more traditional data reports for Analytics and Ecommerce clients helped greatly in being able to adapt the platform to a more bespoke dashboard. We were able to provide participants with a simple interface to explore their performance in the Challenge, with a number of key benefits for all involved:

  • Participants: Improved user experience; Ease of access to information; Real-time dynamic data; Clear presentation of performance data through specially crafted data visualisation.
  • Developers: Reduced workload due to the automation of certain aspects of the data; Clear and consistent data structure that leads to more efficient outputs and uploads.
  • Creators: Ability to make immediate fixes, changes, and optimisations; Opportunity to create new elements, dimensions, and metrics, without relying on external parties; Ongoing analysis on the performance of the dashboard.
    I have been delighted by the data analytics solution provided by GlowMetrics for this important corporate wellness project. The design was visually impressive and functionality was faultless for all users across all devices, serving to become a very engaging platform which has created a positive buzz across the entire user group.
    Jonathan Bloomfield

    Support To Perform


    Fine Gael

    Fine Gael got in touch with GlowMetrics as they were embarking on a digital campaign as part of their 2016 general election campaign and were keen to leverage the advantages of the Google Ads platform to get their message seen by the electorate.

    What we achieved…

    key targeted campaigns

    main KPI’s

    Taoiseach from Fine Gael to win re-election

    We appointed GlowMetrics to run part of our 2016 digital election campaign. The GlowMetrics team were very timely in their response to emails, proactive in coming up with new ideas throughout the duration of the campaign and had great attention to detail when it came to tracking campaign performance.
    Jennie O’Reilly

    Fine Gael


    Ibec Training

    Ibec Training wanted to promote their range of accredited Management Training courses. We recommended a lead generation campaign on LinkedIn due to its unbeatable B2B targeting options using a range of detailed audience targeting and asset-based targeting.

    Results included:

    leads per month on average

    leads generated in 2019


    increase in leads in 1 year

    IBEC has worked with GlowMetrics on a number of analytics and digital marketing projects- from ensuring our websites are fully trackable to auditing our Google Ads accounts and running digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. We have found them very professional in their approach and delivery of each project. We would highly recommend working with GlowMetrics.
    Sarah-Jane Willoughby


    Ibec- Workplace Wellbeing Day

    Each year during National Workplace Wellbeing Day, companies across Ireland celebrate wellness in the workplace by committing to a range of health and wellbeing activities. We worked with the Ibec team to help them drive sign ups, the objective- to get as many companies as possible committing to a range of wellbeing activities on that day. We decided to run campaigns across 4 different channels- Search, Display, Twitter and LinkedIn using custom-built audience lists and campaigns that reached out to C-suite professionals and those specifically responsible for the health and wellbeing of employees or who have participated in a similar initiative before.

    Results included:

    organic sign-ups in 24 hours

    social reactions

    more leads than 2019 campaign




    Kefron reached out for SEO support as they wanted to improve brand awareness and increase the number of monthly inbound leads from their website. Since 2018 Kefron has seen a stark improvement in organic traffic & conversions including:

    Results included:


    increase in organic traffic


    increase in monthly organic conversions


    increase in monthly organic inbound leads

    “We’ve been working with GlowMetrics since 2017 and can genuinely say that they are invaluable partners in managing our SEM and SEO. They are professional, good to work with and very knowledgeable. Would recommend GlowMetrics for SEM and SEO without hesitation!”
    Laura Mazzia Piciot




    Bank of Ireland

    Bank of Ireland initially got in touch in 2017 for a starter course in Google Analytics before moving to the Glow Analytics Academy course with more participants the following year. We crafted the course around the Bank of Ireland Google Analytics account and packed it with account specific assessments, tasks and demos to reinforce learning.

    Results included:

    hours of learning

    hours of dedicated support

    Glow Analytics Academy graduates

    We first worked with GlowMetrics in October 2017 for a one-day introduction course to Google Analytics followed by the accredited training course in March 2018. Through class interaction and by personalising the training content to our real-world site traffic, Joanne really brought the learning process to life. All participants qualified successfully, and the team now have a much richer understanding of what our digital marketing campaigns are delivering.
    Conor Crotty

    Bank of Ireland



    AIB initially got in touch in 2019 looking for a custom build Google Analytics-focused course that would help sales and data analytics team members propel their use of Google Analytics and prepare for an enterprise level product. Following successful completion of the Glow Analytics Academy we have continued to support AIB on data analysis and visualisation.

    What we achieved…

    hours of learning

    GA-AIB focused modules

    Glow Analytics Academy graduates