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Meet the GlowMetrics Team – All Individually Google Analytics Qualified!

Joanne Kearney

Joanne Kearney

Managing Director

Specialises in: Insights & Training

Joanne has over 9 years’ experience working on digital marketing campaigns, specialising in search strategy, conversion optimisation, econometric modelling, web analytics and usability. She has executed and managed many large scale campaigns across the UK and Ireland for a number of clients including TV3, Trader Media Group, Betfair, Tourism & Discover Ireland, O2, Vodafone, P&G, Siemens, Sage, uSwitch, Electric Ireland and Kraft.

Joanne is also an experienced trainer, having developed many customised corporate training schemes and regularly speaks at digital and analytics events across Ireland and the UK. She has a particular interest in ensuring clients get the best return on investment from offline and online campaigns and is currently in the process of building analytics software to integrate, evaluate and optimise marketing performance.

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Digital Analytics Director

Specialises in: Tagging & Reporting

Michael has a BA (Hons) in Social Anthropology, Cultural & Media Studies from Queen’s University, Belfast and has worked in various roles in the broadcast and entertainment sectors. His first role after finishing University was at Channel 4 as an Information Officer. He then went on to work for Electronic Arts and Microsoft as a Community Moderator.

Prior to joining GlowMetrics, Michael returned to Channel 4 as a Social Media Analyst where he introduced a range of social analytics services. In addition, he managed the implementation of social media as a new communication channel for C4’s Viewer Enquiries department from initial setup, delivering training and ongoing support. As a result of his work for Channel 4, he was shortlisted for a Social Media award at Marketing Week’s Data Strategy Awards 2014.

Nicola Bell

Nicola Bell

Digital Account Manager

Specialises in: SEO & SEM

Nicola is the Digital Account Manager at GlowMetrics with an MA (Hons) in English Literature and Spanish from the University of Dundee and an MSc in Communication, Advertising and Public Relations from Ulster University.

With experience working in both agencies and on client-side, Nicola is an experienced marketer with over 6 years’ experience across a number of industries including Automotive, the Third Sector, Professional Services, Tech and Health Services.

With a passion for all things digital, Nicola enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in digital marketing and technology. The wealth and range of opportunities online have never been greater and Nicola loves helping clients make sense of the complex range of options to help them hit their business goals.

Conor Ross

Conor Ross

Digital Analytics Specialist

Specialises in: User Testing & Visualisation

Conor is a Digital Analytics Specialist at GlowMetrics, having previously studied Psychology and an MSc in Research Methods at the University of Dundee, followed by a Marketing MSc at Queen’s University Belfast.

Before joining GlowMetrics, Conor worked on a number of research projects, focusing on various topics such as Psycholinguistics, Distinguishing Dialects, and Economic Decision Making.

With a keen interest in consumer behaviour, website optimisation and an analytical approach towards marketing, Conor enjoys keeping up to date with the world of digital marketing and psychology. He has recently completed his Google Analytics and Google Ads qualifications, and is excited to begin working with Google Optimize.

Nicole Grace Kelly

Nicole Grace Kelly

Digital Marketing Executive

Specialises in: PPC, SEO & Design

Currently in her final year studying Marketing at Ulster University, with two years’ experience already under her belt in the digital marketing world. She is enjoying her degree, especially her global marketing module. Nicole mentioned how excited she is to gain a digital skill set that can take her anywhere in the world!

With experience working agency and client side, Nicole has worked on a range of digital campaigns, from social to PPC and everything in between. She is passionate about all things digital, with a keen interest in SEO, influencer marketing and design.

Niamh Faulkner

Niamh Faulkner

Digital Analytics Assistant

Specialises in: Digital Analytics Assistant 

Niamh is on placement here in GlowMetrics and is working as a Digital Analytics Assistant. She is currently studying Business Information Technology at Queens University Belfast.

She enjoys the business side to her degree, especially her marketing module and therefore was intrigued to join us at GlowMetrics to expand her knowledge of the marketing and digital analytics industry.

She is passionate about what the digital world has to offer. Niamh also has a keen interest in digital analytics and design. She is looking forward to learning new skills and having a mini break from uni to gain industry experience to go alongside her degree.

Mark Doherty

Mark Doherty

Digital Marketing Assistant

Specialises in: Social Media 

Mark will be with us on placement for the next three months, gaining industry experience to go alongside his degree and masters. Our new Digital Marketing Assistant is excited to get stuck in and learn all things digital!

In 2017, he graduated from Queens University Belfast having studied English and Drama. Mark decided to return to QUB in 2018 to study Marketing as a masters. In his year between undergrad and masters, he lived in Barcelona teaching English and worked as Social Media Manager in a Summer School in England.


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