2017 A Year In Review

Written by Joanne Kearney

Joanne has over 10 years’ experience working in digital analytics, executing and managing many large scale projects across the UK and Ireland. Joanne is also an experienced trainer, having developed many customised corporate training schemes and regularly speaks at digital and analytics events.
December 21, 2017

The end of every year provides us all with a good opportunity to look back on the last twelve months, so we can reflect and use it to plan forward. For GlowMetrics, 2017 has been somewhat of a pivotal year for us. We welcomed Shannon, a marketing masters graduate from Queens, said goodbye to Chloe who left her placement year with us to go back to finish her final year and welcomed Cristian all the way from Bolivia who we found through our partnership with the British Council and their IAETSE programme.

Cristian joins the GlowMetrics team

One of the big highlights of the year for us was being shortlisted for an ‘Excellence in IT’ award from Women in Business.

Joanne, Shannon, Cristian and Stephanie at the Women In Business awards

The finalists in each category were invited to a retreat a few weeks before the awards with a stay-over at Corrick House, where we attended workshops and made lots of new friends with other women in business. When we were announced as the winner of our category on the night, we were left speechless and I think this GIF captured by Cristian on the night sums it up!

Following this, our work with Newstalk and Chartered Accountants Ireland was short-listed for an EirSpider in the Data and Analytics Category and we were ecstatic when we picked up the award for the 2nd year in a row. Not only being recognised for our business as a whole but for work that we carry out for clients was particularly special.

Joanne, Lorna (CAI) and Michael accept the EirSpider award for Best use of Data and Analytics

We became certified in Data Studio and added this to our Google Analytics Certified Partner Status and in doing so, allowed us to become the only agency in Ireland to be certified in 3 of Google’s main analytics products- Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Data Studio. An invitation to the Google Analytics partner summit in August followed, and Michael headed off for some brain food to San Francisco to hear about the latest beta projects and developments that we have started to apply to our client accounts.

View of San Francisco at the Google Analytics 2017 partner summit

Alongside the bigger achievements, for me some of the small ones were just as special. Colette from Engage Content Writing redesigned and developed our website and this included some new case studies and client testimonials that we were particularly proud of.  

Did you see our ad in The Irish News?!

Cristian designed display ads to demonstrate our newest certification and designed our very first newspaper ad which was placed in The Irish News.



This year we also added to our pens and notepads merchandise with some very cool water bottles while we also added a few cheeky monkey’s who are now plotted around the office!

Our new water bottles

One of our office monkeys










So what’s in store for 2018? 

We just finished our review and ideas session so we are filled with lots of new and fresh ideas but I’ve picked 3 of those below:

Building on our service areas

The Digital Analytics and Marketing areas are forever changing which is great as it keeps us on our toes but one of the game-changers this year was the release of Data Studio. Being able to produce visually beautiful, customisable, real-time reports and connect data from multiple sources – this product was a big winner for us and for our clients and with more updates on the roadmap this is one area that we are excited to develop further into 2018.

The other product we hope to expand our services on is Google Optimize. Website experimentation, personalisation, optimisation- all words that would fill a swear jar at Measurecamp but this product will soon become part of our service offering as it continues to help support and test our customer insights and squeeze more profit out of website traffic for our customers.

Charity Support

We’ve all been touched by illness of a family member or friend this year and part of our core value’s aims to help and support local charities- either through offer digital analytics and marketing advice or through fundraising. This year we enjoyed supporting a number of charities including MS Ireland, Marie Curie and Bowel Cancer UK.

GlowMetrics takes part in Catalyst Inc Spinathon

Every year we do a call out to any registered charities who would like to take advantage of Google Grants. This programme allows a charity to spent a grant of up to $10,000 per year on Google AdWords. This is a fantastic initiative from Google so we offer free support to any charity who would like help in applying for it and then if successful, we can build and manage the account for free, no moolah required!

Interested, or know someone who might be? Email me on joanne@glowmetrics.com.



Growing the Digital Analytics community

Every year, we host the Irish version of one of the few digital analytics community events- MeasureBowling. We will be primary supporters of MeasureBowling in Ireland again next year and are hoping to host the first ever MeasureCamp in Ireland. We hope to grow our network of fellow digital analytics companies by attending the Google Analytics Summit again next year and as we continue to learn we also aim to continue to share our knowledge through our blog and social channels so as we learn and grow, so do you!

We hope you have a lovely break over Christmas and wish you the best for 2018.





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