6 Quick Tips for Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Written by Nicola Bell

Nicola is the Digital Account Manager at GlowMetrics, preparing and executing PPC & SEO strategies for new and existing clients. Nicola specialises in integrated marketing campaigns, combining the best of paid social and paid search to get the finest of results for her clients
May 16, 2018

Simply having a blog doesn’t mean you’ll generate results. Even if you have high-quality content, it’s not always easy to get your blog noticed among the vast sea of online content. Therefore, it’s essential to write every blog post with SEO in mind.

Good blog posts use SEO tactics to rank better in SERPs (search engine results pages) and drive more organic traffic to their site. Good SEO shouldn’t take away from the quality and integrity of your blog, it will just help to ensure that your hard work and great content gets the exposure it deserves.

Here are 6 Quick (and free) tips to transform your blog into a search-friendly traffic generator.

1.      Do your Research

Keyword research is essential. Spend some time researching keywords to better understand which ones drive the most traffic. The chances are you are probably already including keywords without realising it simply by providing valuable content on a topic. However, never assume you know which keywords are best. Always do your research to ensure you’re using the most popular, and most relevant, keywords for your industry, product or service. There are lots of tools you can use for keywords research but at GlowMetrics we love the original Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

2.      Focus on 1 or 2 Long-Tail Keywords

Optimising your content for keywords is not about using as many keywords as you possibly can, which will actually damage your SEO ranking and lower the quality of your content.  A good rule is to only focus on one or two keywords for each blog post.

Long tail keywords are keywords or key phrases that are more specific – and usually longer – than more commonly searched for keywords. They’re great to use because although they get less search traffic, they usually have a higher conversion value because they are more specific.

3.      Use Keywords throughout your Post

Once you know what keywords you want to target, make sure you place them where they will have the most impact, both for humans and the Google Bots indexing your site. For a quick win make sure you include them in the following places:

  • Title
  • Headings & Subheadings
  • Introductory Sentence
  • Concluding Paragraph
  • Anchor text (text you hyperlink to other related pages on your site)
  • Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Warning: Never engage in keyword stuffing which is the act of filling your content with so many keywords that it is impossible to read. Google will penalise you, and more importantly, you will irritate and frustrate your readers!

4.      Optimise Images

Whatever images you upload to your blog make sure you include keywords in the file name and fill out the alternate text field with a brief, keyword-rich description. Images are often the main cause of slow loading times, so don’t forget to reduce the size of your image. Compressor.io is a great tool that makes it easy to resize images without affecting quality.



5.      Give Readers the Opportunity to Subscribe

Good SEO may bring them to your blog the first time, but it may not bring them back. Include prominently placed RSS or feed subscription buttons and offer visitors the option to subscribe to a mailing list to receive notifications of your latest posts to keep them coming back to your site.

6.      Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

The mobile-friendly search algorithm, which Google rolled out in 2015, now punishes websites that aren’t optimised for mobile devices. So a mobile-friendly design for your blog is now crucial for SEO. Take the time to ensure that you have a responsive design and that your blog is easy, and enjoyable, to read from mobile devices.


Enjoy the Benefits of Great SEO

Following these simple tips and enjoy higher rankings in SERPs, increased web traffic, and even higher conversion rates. Too busy to keep up with your blog optimisation? We’ve got you covered. GlowMetrics’ SEO Experts can help you get more visibility, more traffic and better results with SEO. Contact us.



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