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Written by Nicole Grace Kelly

Nicole is our Digital Marketing Executive at GlowMetrics. She has worked on a range of digital campaigns, from social advertising to PPC and everything in between. She is passionate about all things digital, with a keen interest in SEO, influencer marketing and design.
January 8, 2020

Back to work? It was a real shock to the system getting up before 10am and not eating chocolate for breakfast! We had a lovely Christmas break, and we wanted to reflect on how great 2019 was, so in this blog, we look back at our most popular posts from 2019 in case you missed them!


2019 At Glow


2019 was an excellent year for GlowMetrics.  In terms of growth, we added two new full-time Digital Marketing Executives – welcome Nicole & Mark! 👋 We also had a few placement students along the way – Sophie, Matthew & Niamh.  


MeasureCamp 2019 


On 19th October 2019, the first-ever MeasureCamp in Ireland was hosted in Dublin at Google HQ! Arriving at Google HQ in Dublin, the team got to work with preparations – from filling the branded #MeasureCampDublin SWAG Bags, to ensuring audio and visuals were working in each session room – all while stealing a few homemade pastries baked by our very own Joanne!

All in all, the event was a success & GlowMetrics, along with the MeasureCamp Dublin organising committee, have already started preparations for #MeasureCampDublin 2020 – keep an eye on the @MeasureCampIE twitter for 2020 news! 

Missed MeasureCamp Dublin? check out our blog that detailed the event here


Best Blogs Of 2019 


#1 Why You Should Consider Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads

This blog brought vast volumes of traffic to our site in 2019, so we thought we would share it again in case you missed it.

LinkedIn is widely regarded as a professional networking site as opposed to more “social” media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn was initially created as a corporate recruitment platform, but now it boasts many features similar to traditional social media sites such as status updates, blogging capabilities, private messages and, of course, advertising opportunities. 

Read More on LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads Here 


#2 How To Create Clickable Images in Data Studio

Another incredibly popular blog and update that changed everyone’s world in Data Studio.

There have been a great number of new features introduced to Google Data Studio since it’s official release in September, many of which you can read about in this handy article (cheap plug, I know). For every new update that brings quality of life additions and optimisation, there is another tool highly requested by the userbase. 

Read More about creating clickable images in Data Studio here


#3 Everyone! It’s time to check your Google Analytics for Bot Spam from Amazon! 

Amazon Bot Spam

Bot spam traffic in Google Analytics has EXPLODED in the last few years. We’re seeing it all the time in our clients’ accounts. More and more, we know this bot traffic can be attributed to Amazon Web Services.

I was inspired to write this blog after a query from one of our clients: “Why is there over a 30% difference in total users from our filtered GA view to our unfiltered view. I can’t believe it’s all spam”– said Client X.

It turns out the answer was spam, and most of it was attributed to AWS. So please sit back, relax and prepare yourself to learn all about Amazon bot spam, how we find it, and what we do about it.

Read More about Amazon Bot Spam here


#4 Stop & Edit | Latest Features from Google Optimize

Google Optimize is Google’s tool for user experience testing, complete with Analytics and Ads integration.

As well as testing on your site, Optimize allows you to create personalised experiences for your users, tailoring the presentation and functionality of your website based on a range of targeting options.

The latest features added to Optimize are well worth taking note of, as they help to streamline the process of user experience testing and personalisations. If you’re new to Google Optimize, we recommend first checking out our tips to help get you started before jumping into the latest features.

Read More about the Stop and Edit feature in Google Optimize here


2020 Vision


2019 was fantastic, and we are super excited to jump straight into 2020!  We are kicking January off & giving training at Google’s Digital Garage in Belfast – our first morning session is the 23rd of January: an introduction to Google Ads with Nicola.

We are running around 14 sessions in Google’s Digital Garage in Belfast City Centre in the next few months. Want a space? Let us know – they are VERY limited.


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