COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant

Written by Nicole Grace Kelly

Nicole is our Digital Marketing Executive at GlowMetrics. She has worked on a range of digital campaigns, from social advertising to PPC and everything in between. She is passionate about all things digital, with a keen interest in SEO, influencer marketing and design.
September 10, 2020

Are you in the retail industry? Did your business take a dip in online sales due to COVID-19? The Minister for the Economy has launched a new £1 million COVID-19 Digital Selling Capability Grant (DSCG) from Invest Northern Ireland.

This grant is directed to help retail business to grow online sales. DSCG is part of a wider COVID-19 support package to help eligible businesses progress recovery plans, strengthen supply chains, develop new products and access finance.

DSCG grant can help any SME Northern Ireland retailer or wholesaler prepare for growth, develop their customer base and find new markets by enhancing their digital offering, building e-commerce capability and increasing online sales.

Eligible activities include consultancy services or expertise from a digital marketing or e-commerce supplier to:

  • Carry out best practice research to identify relevant benchmarks
  • Review current digital marketing capabilities and online sales channels
  • Develop a digital marketing strategy to maximise online presence
  • Develop an e-commerce strategy to drive sustainable growth in online sales
  • Implement an enhanced online e-commerce system or improvements to your existing e-commerce solution for the business
  • In-house training and knowledge transfer to develop the digital marketing and e-commerce capability of the employees for the business
  • Improve integration and automation with existing e-commerce systems

Are you interested in applying for this grant? Visit for more information.

The call for applications is open until 6pm on Wednesday 7 October 2020.

How We Can Help!

We would be delighted to help your business avail of this grant and boost your online sales. We have a range of clients who are successful in selling online with the help of our eCommerce experts.

Check out our client Eyelids Reading Glasses – they have had tremendous success selling reading glasses online through our search campaigns.





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