Cristian’s Year in GlowMetrics

Seems like yesterday when I was writing my first blog about the beginning of my internship here in GlowMetrics and moving to Northern Ireland all the way from Bolivia, it’s even more surreal thinking that was a year ago, but like we all know all the good things always have to come to an end.

I came to GlowMetrics through IAESTE, an institution that helps students find internships around the world that can help them to develop their future and also live in another country learning the meaning of independence and discovering new cultures.

I could not count how many things I have learnt working here, since the first days when I wasn’t even sure about my level of English and how I was going to establish a proper conversation, (my mother tongue is Spanish), then I discover the lovely Belfast accent which just made everything harder!  But all the difficult things in life bring even bigger achievements.

I can only say that now I’m leaving with my Irish slang on point and ready to try to explain it to the world! It’s great craic, mate!

This experience helped me open my eyes to the sea of possibilities that you can achieve with digital and marketing tools, coming from a country where the digital marketing culture is just starting, the knowledge that I got will open many doors and opportunities. Also having the experience of working in a real agency environment and dealing with clients!

The most valuable thing that I learned here was the working values that GlowMetrics have, and most importantly, how to be responsible with your time and apply it efficiently with everything that you do!

I would highly recommend any students or young professional thinking about an internship or more specifically, an international one, the only advice that I would give – just don’t over think about it, just do it! Getting through all bad and good situations that you might pass will help you grow as a more open and practical human being!

Making the decision of leaving the comfort of your home, family and friends sounds scary, but isn’t it scarier thinking there’s an entire world out there that you don’t know? It’s waiting for you to be part of it!

Remember that your biggest obstacle is yourself, once you get over that, the world is yours!

I would like to thank the GlowMetrics family for becoming my actual Family here in Northern Ireland, after all I spent more time with them than anyone else, couldn’t have asked for better people to teach me and share the working space!

Thanks for the laughs, the knowledge, the experiences and the patience of teaching digital marketing to a random Bolivian guy!

It’s not a goodbye, it’s a “see you later!”

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