Data Visualisation: Rugby World Cup Statistics

Written by Conor Ross

Conor specialises in data visualisation, designing and creating bespoke data dashboards and automated reports with Google Data Studio. With a background in Psychology and Research Methods, he also works on projects focused on improving customer experience and website usability through A/B Testing and Personalisation in Google Optimize.
July 22, 2019

Data Visualisation in Google Data Studio

Data Visualisation is a crucial aspect of presenting statistics and information in a way that can be easily be understood and analysed. There is a time for numbers, and there’s a time for charts! We’re big advocates for using Google Data Studio to visualise website and eCommerce data, but the potential for visualisation doesn’t stop at web analytics. We’ve put together a dashboard on something a bit different, the Rugby World Cup, to show off some of the potential widgets, chart-building techniques, and visualisation methods, you could be utilising in your Data Studio dashboards. Just don’t mix up your data sources!


Rugby World Cup 2015 and 2019

With just 60 days until the 2019 Rugby World Cup kicks off in Japan, at the time of writing, we thought this would provide the perfect opportunity to show off some of the interactive features available to the user on a Data Studio report. In particular, the use of data filter controls are prevalent throughout, emphasising the interactivity of a report in comparison to a static infographic. We also recommend trying something like this to improve your own dashboard-building skills, as this lets you practice data collection, management, and visualisation, in Data Studio with a novel data source.



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