My Experience At GlowMetrics By Eimear

Throughout this summer I completed a 6 week work placement in GlowMetrics which has been a great experience to gain a better knowledge into the marketing and digital analytics industry. I am currently an A-Level student who studies IT and therefore this placement gave me a deep insight into digital analytics which I will benefit a lot in the future. As we live in a society which evolves around digital technology we need to become more updated with digital analytics.

Cristian showed me how to design graphics using Illustrator which I felt was very interesting and useful. I used a range of tools to design a graphic for GlowMetrics.

On the other hand, I always was familiar with how important marketing is in promoting a business but I did not understand it fully. During this placement, I learnt the principles of SEO and how to use social media effectively to attract clients and I also learnt what digital marketing companies are looking for.

In addition, I also learnt a lot about marketing as I used Google Ads to create keywords and ads to increase traffic to sites which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also analysed metadata and decided whether the language used was suitable for the client’s business.

I must admit that I did not have a great knowledge of marketing but from this first-hand experience I know a lot in relation to the marketing or business world. The experience I gained from GlowMetrics was extremely valuable as they exposed me to a real-life agency environment. Furthermore, this placement has given me a great experience into the working environment and will benefit me a lot when I am applying for universities as I have developed many skills and qualities. I now feel much more confident about the prospect of my career after coming to this placement without any experience whatsoever.

This placement has had a very positive impact on me not only my career but myself as an individual! From my personal experience, I certainly would recommend doing a placement whether you are a student or not as it is certainly worth it! I would just like to say a massive thank you to Joanne and team at GlowMetrics for this great opportunity as I couldn’t have asked for better colleagues.


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