Facebook Announces New Updates for Groups, Events and App Redesign…

Written by Nicole Grace Kelly

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May 17, 2019

Events and groups are taking centre stage as Facebook moves away from the News Feed

Facebook announced a revamp of its main mobile app. The focus is… events and groups with a little design refresh also. Facebook says it’s placing groups front and centre as a start of how it wants users to think of the main Facebook app, while events are getting a lot of attention too. This is fantastic news for businesses who use Facebook groups and events to drive sales.


Firstly, the company’s “big blue” app is undergoing a full redesign — soon the iconic blue logo will be updated to include a sleek white trim, and the blue border along the top of the desktop page screen is also having a revamp.

As you’ve probably heard, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a complete redesign for desktop and mobile experience at F8. This new design not only looks different but gives a glimpse at how Facebook will function in the future.

More Focus on Community Groups

In addition to these changes, the new Groups tab will now show a personalized feed of activity across all the groups you’re a member of, while also recommending more, similar groups related to your interests. It’s also adding an opt-in ‘Meet New Friends’ feature which aims to help people start friendships with members of their shared communities – like a school, workplace or city. 

Facebook is trying to ensure groups are visible in every part of the app, so it’ll start promoting groups in areas like Marketplace and Watch. Facebook has also said you’ll be able to post to any group you’re a part of from the News Feed as if you were posting to your own profile.

New Events Tab

As for events, Facebook is putting a big emphasis on helping you find stuff to do in your local area. The new events tab, which now sits next to the groups tab in the new menu bar layout, has a richer map view for seeing where the events you’re interested in are in proximity to one another. So, no more excuses about missing gigs!

To Conclude…

The new, groups-focused design will undoubtedly dampen organic reach. At least Facebook is giving us a heads up on how to compete in the future with groups and paid reach.

What do you think about these changes? Are you excited about Facebook’s new, groups-centric design? We are excited to hear your thoughts.



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