GlowMetrics and The Analytics Store launch Analytics for Marketing Seminar

Written by Joanne Kearney

Joanne has over 10 years’ experience working in digital analytics, executing and managing many large scale projects across the UK and Ireland. Joanne is also an experienced trainer, having developed many customised corporate training schemes and regularly speaks at digital and analytics events.
September 26, 2013

Do you know the difference in your big data from your small, your customer segmentation from your predictive analysis, your bounce rate from your impressions and your standard data reports from actionable insights?


In today’s data filled world there is huge pressure on marketing professionals to justify their marketing spend and prove that their efforts are being converted into profit. Analytics lets marketers do this, but it is not always that easy and most of the time the business intelligence that offline customer analytics offers is kept in a silo from online customer analytics data.

In the first of its kind, The Analytics Store and GlowMetrics are joining forces to hold a new seminar for marketing professionals that will help demystify the world of analytics. It will help simplify all aspects of analytics and, most importantly, demonstrate how marketing professionals, can use analytics to apply some science to their efforts and justify spend and measure outcomes.

What else will you learn?

  • How to apply analytics techniques to measure and monitor your marketing activity.
  • The different aspects of analytics using both online and offline data-from Google analytics to predictive analytics, forecasting and everything in between.
  • The technical jargon surrounding analytics.
  • The importance of data: what data you can collect and where it comes from.
  • How to use customer insight to execute better marketing campaign messages.
  • How to utilise the insights you generate to plan customer-focused marketing.
  • Strategies that will resonate better with customers and optimise marketing spend.

Sound good? Go to and register your interest in the next seminar-taking place on the 25th October 2013 in Dublin.



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