GlowMetrics goes to MeasureCamp Dublin 2019!

Written by Mark Doherty

October 31, 2019

On 19th October 2019, the first-ever MeasureCamp in Ireland was hosted in Dublin at Google HQ!

On the morning of the event, the GlowMetrics team were whisked away at 6am from Belfast with plenty of coffee & breakfast baps on hand.  Arriving at Google HQ in Dublin, the team got to work with preparations – from filling the branded #MeasureCampDublin SWAG Bags, to ensuring audio and visuals were working in each session room – all while stealing a few homemade pastries baked by our very own Joanne!

The stage was set and all that was needed were the attendees – who arrived in droves! Breakfast served, SWAG bags & branded t-shirts collected and networking commenced, attendees were brought to The Foundry where MeasureCamp founder Peter O’Neill and GlowMetrics founder Joanne explained the concept of the unconference event. The key thing to take away from the introduction was the relaxed atmosphere MeasureCamp is all about & of course the Swear-Words!

As the session board scrum (brilliantly termed by GlowMetrics’ Nicola) opened, the committee were delighted to see how many attendees wanted to take part in the day’s sessions! And within minutes the board was filled!

As the morning began a wealth of knowledge was exchanged through the various delivery styles of sessions, levels of expertise and subject areas. 

Lunch provided by the amazing Moy Larder in Dungannon refuelled attendees for the afternoon round of sessions. A big thank you to Moy Larder for the delicious platters – everyone was delighted & ready to go again!

The afternoon began with a buzz with GlowMetrics’ team members taking part in the sessions. Conor’s ‘snazzy statistics’ Data Studio discussion debuting his Rugby Word Cup Dashboard, Nicole & Mark’s ‘College to Client’ discussion exploring how students are underprepared for the workplace and Joanne & Nicola’s ‘It’s Good…But it’s not right’ presentation dealing with common misconceptions with Google Analytics.


Finally, Nicole’s prizegiving gave everyone in the room a new lease of life with her effortlessly funny presentation. A personal favourite quote to those who won digital prizes was “I physically have nothing to give you but my presence”. GlowMetrics team members did extremely well with Joanne bagging a £50 gift voucher for James St. Restaurant chain & Mark winning the highly coveted Tableau Analytics book!

All in all, the event was a success & GlowMetrics, along with the MeasureCamp Dublin organising committee, have already started preparations for #MeasureCampDublin 2020 – So watch this space! Keep an eye on the @MeasureCampIE twitter for 2020 news! 



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