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Written by Nicole Grace Kelly

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November 11, 2019

Google have finally announced that they will be rolling out lead form extensions to advertisers over the next few weeks. This is such a new update that it might not even be available in your account yet… it’s coming we promise!

What are Google Lead Form Extensions?

Lead form extensions will show below your search ad on mobile and will allow users to submit their information directly from your ad on the SERP! How simple and user friendly is that? Pro Tip | If the user is already signed into their Google Account, they’ll get a Google-hosted form that is pre-populated with their contact details and can immediately submit their info to you with one click.

How do I Create One? What Do They Look Like?

 Creating lead form extensions is so easy, it’s just a simple few clicks! Enter a search campaign in Google Ads. Then visit the Ads and Extensions section, click on the Extensions tab and from here you will be greeted with the drop-down menu of extension options. (see below)

Google Ads Lean Gen Form Extensions

As previously mentioned, this is such a new update your account may not have this option… YET. If you do, you will have to firstly create how the extension will display in SERPs below your ad, here Google also gives you the option to add a call to action to go alongside the extension text!

Create your Lead Gen Form Extensions

Check It Out. We created this form in under 2 minutes!

 First the 3 key elements for you to fill in …

  • Business Name | Limited to 30 Characters
  • Headline | Limited to 30 Characters
  • Description | Limited to 200 Characters

Google Ads Lean Gen Form Set Up

The next step involves selecting the information you want, from the user. Remember, don’t ask for too much information – we don’t want users to exit at this stage because the submission process is lengthy. At this stage Google will also require your organisation’s privacy policy.

Another Tip – you can also add a background image to appear behind the form, we tried this and 2 of our images were rejected, this may be due to pixel size. We will investigate this further as this new update develops!

Final Step –  Submission / Conformation Message

After creating your form, you will then devise a submission message to confirm user information has been captured. This is an opportunity for you to include a friendly thank you message as well as adding CTA to get them onto your site.

Google Ads Lead Gen Form Submission

Description | Limited to 200 Characters. This is where we had mentioned to include a thankyou message and conformation of information.

CTA | Optional but we recommend including it to encourage site visits.

If you have the option to create lead form extensions do. They are such a great opportunity to capture leads. 

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