Google Data Studio – Top 5 Reasons To Use It

Written by Michael Wilson

Michael is the Digital Analytics Director at GlowMetrics, implementing complex tracking for our largest clients via Google Tag Manager while leading our wider analytics work across Google Analytics, Data Studio and Optimize.
August 24, 2017

We’ve been using Google Data Studio a lot recently – it’s become an integral part of what we do.  Having tried a number of similar data visualisation and real-time reporting tools, Data Studio is the one we enjoy the most, for a variety of reasons.

Here’s the top five:

1) It’s free

There are a number of paid options out there – we’ve tried quite a few of them over the years but Data Studio is completely free and in terms of features, functionality and ease of use, it’s as good as, if not better, than similar paid alternatives we’ve used previously.  When it first came out, there was a 5 report limit for free users but that has long since been removed – now anyone can use Data Studio, without limitations, completely free.

2) Real-time Data Updates

Your reports update in real-time based on the data available within your connected data source.  So you don’t need to constantly manually update your report, you can add a filter or a widget so that users can interact, manipulate and change what they’re seeing – without any additional report reconfiguration.

3) Multiple Data Sources

Speaking of data sources… you can connect multiple sources to one report.  So if you have adwords data, google sheets data, google analytics data, bigquery data, or even data stored in a csv file – you can hook them all up to one report and visually represent them all in one place.

4) Easily shareable

It’s easy to share the reports.  As well as different access levels for users to view/edit each report, you can simply share a link to a report for anyone to view – they don’t even need to log in!

5) Highly customisable

The reports are highly customisable. If you’re used to Google Analytics dashboards, you’ll know that they all look pretty much the same and they’re limited to 12 widgets. Google Data Studio allows you to develop a visual them, change colours, add photos and links within your report. It also allows you to add as many charts and widgets as you require AND you can even create calculated fields should you need to manipulate the data in some way. Oh and you can add Google Analytics segments and filters to individual charts, pages or whole reports.

The level of flexibility within Data Studio is already highly impressive and it’s still early days… Google are adding new features on a regular basis so you best get started now, because Google Data Studio is already the best free data visualisation and reporting tool available and it’s only going to get better.

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