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Coronavirus, COVID, or COVID-19… what do you call it? What is the official name? There are plenty of different names being shared for the current situation, one thing is for sure: the world will never be quite the same again.


After around 5 months of isolation, it is safe to say we all very much depended on the digital world. Consumer purchasing behaviour has also changed,  and therefore business must adapt their approach too.

In a previous blog, Digital Marketing Executive Nicole explored how the eCommerce markets are performing during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to research by Forbes, there are some online items that have seen huge increases since lockdowns were put in place. The products that boomed at the peak of the virus include bread makers, at-home hair colouring products and the obvious one, toilet paper. Check it out

Many brands during this challenging time ‘played it safe’ for fears of their reputation, although we believe that now is not the time to stick with the status quo. This is a time for a change and a new direction. We hope this blog will inspire you to get back to doing what you do best. 

To inspire your Covid-19 marketing efforts, here are campaigns that you need to know about.



St Patricks Day ‘We Will March Again’ Campaign

This comes as no shock, Guinness truly invests in its marketing and is always pushing its brand forward with creative and innovative campaigns. COVID came as a shock to everyone but Guinness were quick to adapt and they recognised the situation would have an impact on how their customers consume their product.

Covid-19 started in Europe early March and as the lockdown loomed and the St Patrick’s Day festivities effectively cancelled, Guinness stepped up to the mark with this campaign. The uplifting, inspirational voice of this video, with its theme of care and unity ‘we are all human’ strikes an emotional chord while showing value brand in challenging times. See below video, it will make you feel Irish and all warm inside! 


#StayAtHome Campaign

Dublin creative Luke O’Reilly was the winner of One Minute Briefs’ ‘Staying Inn’ competition with this creative piece.


The poster gives the illustration of a pint of Guinness topped with a white sofa, along with the COVID-19 message ‘Stay At Home’. Cool right? And bang on brand for Guinness.



Maintaining health and fitness during the lockdown period was very challenging, Nike recognised this and made its exclusive club training subscription free. Offering consumers of the brand access to training, health, and fitness content.

Nike may have lost a little profit from this, but they have gained so much more. Giving back to fans and consumers has absolutely paid off for Nike as they have seen online sales boom.

nike ad 2020

This is a marketing campaign we won’t forget for a while.

Check out their app, it is still free!




Deliveroo WAS one of the first delivery options in the UK to offer a no-contact service to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. To announce changes to the service and the protective measures they were putting in place they sent out an email to its newsletter subscribers on behalf of their CEO. This brand also came up with a shop local campaign which has truly meant a lot to local and small businesses. Deliveroo offers customers a 10% discount for any order placed with local brands. A great way to support small businesses, customers and communities all in one go. 

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