Introducing the new Newsletter Publishing Option on LinkedIn

Written by Anna Growcott

Anna is a Digital Marketing Executive at GlowMetrics, working on digital marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients. Anna specialises in PPC, SEO and paid social.
April 7, 2022

LinkedIn has recently announced that businesses can now add their Newsletters to their company pages. An area once dominated by email marketing, LinkedIn has taken the first steps to modernise newsletters for the social media age. 

The LinkedIn newsletter is essentially an extension of the Articles function, which was introduced last year. This enabled businesses to create and publish long-form content. 

Articles have allowed businesses to create better engagement with followers and invite conversations. Newsletters work on a similar premise by providing subscriptions to recurring articles with a similar subject matter. 

What’s great about this new function is that your LinkedIn followers will be notified When you publish your newsletter. This in turn will increase the chances of people seeing and consuming your content. Your followers will also have the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter so they never miss a beat, it’s a great way for you to reach an even bigger audience, build authority and generate leads.

How to create a LinkedIn Newsletter


1. Click Write an article below Start a post. This takes you to the publishing tool.


How to create a newsletter on LinkedIn



 2. Click Create a newsletter.


Create a newsletter on LinkedIn



3. Add a title, description, publishing cadence, and logo for your newsletter and click Done



Create a Newsletter on LinkedIn



4. Once you have created a newsletter, you’ll see your newsletter title near the upper right corner of the page. If you don’t see the newsletter title, click on the dropdown menu and select the newsletter you want to write in.



Create a newsletter on LinkedIn



You can now write the first article for your newsletter.

You can publish up to one article every 24 hours.


5. Once the article is ready to be published, click Publish at the top of the screen.



GlowMetrics LinkedIn Newsletter




LinkedIn newsletters will make an excellent addition to your marketing toolbox and will afford your business the opportunity to showcase your expertise.

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