How to Link To LinkedIn from Data Studio

Googles relatively new tool, Google Data Studio, allows you to create branded reports with beautiful data visualisations to share with your clients.

Not heard of Google Data Studio? Check out our previous blog post on the ‘Top 5 reasons to use Data Studio!

The reports are easy-to-read, and customisable to each of your clients – and the best part? You can pull in more than just Analytics / AdWords Data. Data Studio provides a range of data sources you can choose to connect – and thanks to Community Connectors you can pull in social data as well:


Community Connectors are community developed connectors that enable access to a variety of data sources directly from within Data Studio – Supermetrics have developed a few, we’re going to talk about the LinkedIn connector that allows you to fetch data from LinkedIn ads into Google Data Studio!

Whilst in edit mode in a data studio report, select add new data source, then select LinkedIn Ads below community connectors and choose the LinkedIn account you wish to fetch data from and select connect:



You can use a pre-build report / template to create your report in seconds or create your own and easily display clicks, impressions, CTR, top performing campaigns, top social engagements etc.:



So, there you have it; an efficient and customisable way to show your online ad campaigns.  We love Data Studio here at GlowMetrics as sometimes the data can be overwhelming to present to a client.  Data studio introduces data visualisation to the ever-changing world of digital marketing and we are excited for what it brings!



  1. Tobias

    Interesting case!

    Have you done any dashboards with LinkedIn company page data in the meantime?

    We are considering building one and are interested in any experiences.

    • Conor Ross

      Hi Tobias,

      Using Supermetrics is a good starting point for getting your LinkedIn company page data into a Data Studio dashboard. The main benefit of using their connectors is that it is automated, but typically comes at a cost. They do offer free trials however, so it might be worth trying out first.

      An alternative method that we would recommend is downloading an export of your LinkedIn data from your LinkedIn Analytics, and creating a Google Sheet with that data. You can then connect the Google Sheet to Data Studio and create your dashboard. This gives you a lot more control over the data, but it can be a bit more time consuming at first due to the manual data entry/export. If you’d like any further information or you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to help.


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