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So, you have an online form that you want people to fill in? People click the form and manually have to enter their details? You know the process, you’ve probably done it before! But now, imagine your form being filled in automatically. That is what ‘Lead Gen’ forms are!

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and is essentially for anybody interested in finding new opportunities to connect with other professionals and expand their career. Generally, the purpose of people on LinkedIn is different from Facebook and Twitter, however, similar to Facebook, you have all your details (or details you want to share) and professional experience etc laid out in your profile to show other users.

It can sometimes be hard to collect quality leads, and even harder on mobile devices (as many marketers will know) however, LinkedIn have recently created a new feature ‘LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms’, which helps you drive high-quality leads from your Sponsored Content campaigns. How? – By automatically populating forms using information from peoples LinkedIn profiles and removing the main mobile conversion barrier of making someone complete a long and ‘annoying’ contact form on their smartphone.

How does this work?

When a LinkedIn member clicks on one of your ads on their smartphone, their profile information is automatically populations in an in-application form that they can submit instantly (without having to manually type in their info by hand)!! So you no longer need to rely on this person to click on your link and go to your website and fill out a form there.

Once someone submits a Lead Gen Form, the information is recorded on LinkedIn – this can include the individuals name, contact information, company name, job title, location, and many more. Often with traditional website forms people can enter false, or partial information, but because this lead data comes from the members up-to-date LinkedIn profile, it is generally more complete and accurate.

And, after they submit the form, you can present members with an in-app “thank you” page that immediately connects them with your content or sends them to your site to learn more.

Once you’ve acquired these leads, you can then access and manage them from LinkedIn’s dashboard, and download the lead lists from Campaign Manager!

Considering 80 percent of LinkedIn users who engage with Sponsored Content do it on smartphones, these new Lead Gen Forms are an exciting opportunity, and could help you drive results and acquire new leads for your business!