MeasureCamp London – The 11th Edition

Written by Joanne Kearney

Joanne has over 10 years’ experience working in digital analytics, executing and managing many large scale projects across the UK and Ireland. Joanne is also an experienced trainer, having developed many customised corporate training schemes and regularly speaks at digital and analytics events.
October 2, 2017

It’s just over a week since we attended MeasureCamp and what a busy week it has been! For those who are unfamiliar with MeasureCamp, this is the leading digital analytics event in the UK, founded by Peter O’Neill.

It is held as an ‘unconference’, which puts a twist on traditional conferences. You turn up on the day without knowing what sessions are on offer until people are invited to host and post their own session.

Once the session board starts to populate, you decide which 30-minute session you’d like to attend and then off you go!

The session board

We attended 6 sessions throughout the day and a summary of 3 of them are below:

Peter O’Neill – Google Analytics Set-up (@leapthree)
Peter discussed some of the ways Leapthree analyses their clients Google Analytics account set-up including an excel document that they keep to record all tracking.
This included documenting (either current or planned):
• Page Types ( e.g. / = homepage, /sports/= sport page),
• Events (e.g. by category, action, label, values) set
• Type of personas being tracked (e.g. members, low hanging fruit, tyre kickers)
• Content groups (e.g. page URLs and content type)
• Goals (e.g. name, configuration, values set)

Peter O’Neill’s Session

Towards the end, the session then turned to discuss how all of the above could be automatically tracked- with Simo suggesting some type of tool or plugin that could link with the Google Analytics account and pull all of these things in. No-one knew of any tool that could do this, but everyone agreed that this would be useful (secretly hoping Simo would build this).

Ed Upton – Lifetime Value Tracking (@littledatauk)

A really excellent discussion on how to try and track lifetime value of website visitors – this was a hot topic for discussion at Measurecamp 11.

Ed served a meaty presentation and suggested tracking:
– The customer via CRM ID, Client ID, User ID or Google ID (coming soon)
– Lifetime calculation via historical or predictive data
– Value tracked via Ecommerce, Goals, Revenue or Profit figures

He then went onto discuss the RFM model, which helps identify LTV:
1. Users are grouped into equally sized buckets by Recency of last order, Frequency of orders and Average Monetary value
2. Users are then further grouped with each possible combination of RFM
3, Then you find the Average Past Revenue per user in each of the buckets:

The RFM model that Ed presented

The drawbacks? They all came back to the difficulty in tracking the returning user, tying the user journeys together and ensuring the data is accurate.

Simo Ahava – Happy 5th Birthday GTM (@SimoAhava)

Simo Ahava presented a discussion on Google Tag Manager- 5 Years and what have we learned.

He posted his slide deck on a recent blog here:

But what were the three things that he suggested GTM invest in?
Intelligence- dynamically generated tags based on a users previous behavior
Collaboration- expanding multi-user supports
Google integrations- improving them (especially DoubleClick integrations) but also ensuring that Tag Manager doesn’t become too Google focused.

The legendary Simo’s deck

GDPR- another hot topic at Measurecamp 11 but most sessions on GDPR proved that everyone is concerned about GDPR but no one knows what to do about it!

The session we attended, however, did recommend both the ICO PDF here:

And a few webinars here:


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