MeasureCamp – The sessions, the rants and the egg & bacon rolls!

Written by Joanne Kearney

Joanne has over 10 years’ experience working in digital analytics, executing and managing many large scale projects across the UK and Ireland. Joanne is also an experienced trainer, having developed many customised corporate training schemes and regularly speaks at digital and analytics events.
April 2, 2015

On Saturday 14th March, GlowMetrics made a (very early) morning trek over to London for the sixth MeasureCamp. As well as the bacon and egg rolls, which almost made us forget the pain of a 5 am wakeup call, we were eagerly looking forward to finding out the range of sessions that were in-store for the day.

After arriving at the venue and collecting our freebies, we had the chance to mingle with fellow attendees before heading into the Decibel Insight room to listen to MeasureCamp brainchild Peter O’Neill kick off proceedings. Peter gave a brief explanation of the history and concept behind MeasureCamp before going into detail about the massive expansion of the unconference over the past year. From London to Paris, Madrid and even Hong Kong, MeasureCamp has gone global!

With the scene set, it was time to head over to the session board, fight our way to the front, and plan out our day. First, we listened to Ed Brocklebank explain how to identify better KPIs to report on for your business. The biggest takeaway from this was when looking at a metric to ask yourself “What will I do differently based on this information?” If you can’t answer this, then you need to scrap the metric as you’re just reporting on it for vanity purposes. You can find Ed’s presentation here.

Next, we crowded into a packed room to attend a discussion on tracking offline conversions. This is one of the biggest problems facing web analysts and it seems as though everyone has their own ways and means for tackling it. One thing we would always advise our clients to do is to make use of the “annotations” feature in Google Analytics to plot out when any offline activity was launched and enable you to correlate that with spikes in traffic or conversions.

During lunch, we met with our fellow Measurebowling organisers to discuss our plans for the next event. We’re delighted to confirm that we will once again be organising Measurebowling in Belfast and Dublin. The event is due to take place on the 11th of June so make sure you keep an eye out on our Twitter page as we’ll be announcing more details in the run-up!

Our first stop after lunch was to Dominic Hurst’s session on “Getting Buy-In from Senior Management to Data-Driven Design”. In this session, people shared their experiences and offered advice. The main points we picked up from this session were:

  • Seek out advocates – make them understand what you’re doing with regards to analytics and make sure you understand what they do and need from you.
  • Initial wins – make sure you get good results with the first thing you do.
  • Don’t use terminology people don’t understand.
  • Make things tangible – ask yourself “what would happen if we improved everything by 5%?”

You can read Dominic’s blog post about the session here.

After this, we headed back to the Decibel Insight room in eager anticipation of what we felt would be one of the most useful sessions of the day – Rationalising Tag Management by the brilliant Simo Ahava. More of a rant disguised as a presentation, Simo’s aim was to get across the fact that Tag Management Systems aren’t as complicated as people make them out to be, and, at the end of the day, it’s just JavaScript.

Next, we had Phil Pearce taking to the stage to deliver a Terminator-inspired presentation on the SEO Data Layer. This focused on explaining how to use JSON-LD to enhance your SERP snippets. However, he did stress that just because you have JSON-LD implemented, doesn’t mean that Google will deem your site worthy of enhanced SERP snippets.

Phil also provided a couple of resources to help you get more acquainted with JSON-LD. This YouTube video and the “Playground” section on

Our last stop of the day was to the interestingly-titled “Your Conversion Rate Sucks – What Really Happened With Your Campaign” session by Steen Rasmussen. This anecdotal-inspired session offered useful insights into how to report on campaigns in a way that provided valuable information to those who would be reading the reports in order to ensure you positively influence the HIPPO (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion).

All-in-all MeasureCamp is hands-down the best (un)conference we’ve ever attended and we had a thoroughly informative and interesting day. The organisers, as usual, did a superb job of providing an enjoyable experience for all attendees and it goes without saying that we’re looking forward to the next one already!


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