Meet Cristian!

Written by GlowMetrics Staff

October 26, 2017


We are very happy to welcome a new member of staff to the GlowMetrics team – Cristian who is on a placement and has come all the way from Bolivia! We decided to do a few quick fire questions, so find out more about him below…


So Cristian, tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Cristian Mercado, I am 23 years old and I have just graduated in Marketing and Advertisement . I am originally from a city called Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia which is a beautiful and charming city with warm weather pretty much all year.

You’ve come an long way from Bolivia. Why a placement in Belfast?

I’m part of a group of students that apply to an organization called IAESTE. IAESTE offers international internships to students with roles situated across the world!

I was looking for more work experience and I thought working outside the country would help me to develop my skills further.  I was ready to move away from home and I think now that another continent is far enough! I was presented with the opportunity of coming to Belfast for an internship in GlowMetrics and I liked what the company was about and decided to apply, and just like that, I am here.

What have you been up to so far?

So far I’ve been learning about digital marketing tools such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics. I have also been working on my Google Certification in AdWords and Analytics.

What are your first impressions of Belfast?

A lot of people tell me I’m crazy for saying this but I actually like the weather! It is a nice change from my home town where the normal temperatures reach 36 degrees in a normal day, so not burning alive is a nice change!

We will remind you of that in January Cristian!! Any plans for the next six months while you’re here?

In the next six months, I expect to visit different parts of the UK. I am very excited to see the Giant’s Causeway and London! I also just bought tickets to see Little Mix in concert very soon which is very exciting! I am very excited to make some friends and see what Belfast has to offer!

And finally, give us one interesting fact about Cristian

I am a very hyperactive person which means I love having new experiences and meeting new places. It also means I tend to talk A LOT!


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