Missed Learn Inbound? Catch up on everything that happened.

Written by Joanne Kearney

Joanne has over 10 years’ experience working in digital analytics, executing and managing many large scale projects across the UK and Ireland. Joanne is also an experienced trainer, having developed many customised corporate training schemes and regularly speaks at digital and analytics events.
April 22, 2016

On Wednesday night we attended a fantastic session with Learn Inbound, with three remarkable speakers, all experts in SEO, giving us useful hints and tips regarding search and SEO. We learned even more about the key elements to any modern SEO campaign including: site speed, content adaptable to device (inc AMP), producing good user-friendly and unique content that people will want to read and ensuring links (both within and to the website) are working. With free food, drink, merchandise and lots of learning, we had a great evening!

Just in case you missed it, you can catch up on what happened here:

Learn Inbound
First up to speak was Marcus Tandler from Onpage.org. Marcus took us through a slide storm on stage, getting through 303 slides!! He talked about what was in store for search in the future and gave us some really useful insights on SEO. He also talked about Google, and its awaited artificial intelligence release. Overall, Marcus gave an extremely useful talk with lots of new ideas to take away with us.

Marcus Tandler

Second to speak was Bridget Randolph from Distilled. Bridget took us on a trip down memory lane and considered the history of mobile search. She talked about how mobile search continues to take over desktop search and focused on the growing significance of app content and developments such as AMP and app streaming within the search marketing landscape. She talked about where the future of mobile search could be heading and gave us some interesting things to consider, particularly; how we need to stop thinking about it as ‘the year of mobile’ and realise that we are in ‘the age of mobile’.  You can access all of Bridget’s slides here – http://bit.ly/1MMu7GS

Bridget Randolph

Last to speak was Oli Garder, the co-founder of Unbounce. Oli is the King of landing pages and claims to have seen the more landing pages than any one on the planet. Coupled with lots of data to back up his results, Oli taught us more about how we can change our landing page to maximise conversions. It can be as simple as flipping the title and subheading to let your customers know exactly what it is you do! Complete with lots of good and entertaining examples, Oli gave a fantastic talk and gave us lots of really useful insights and inspiration for creating the perfect landing page.  You can access Oli’s fantastic slides here – bitly.com/frank-dublin 

Oli Gardner

All in all, it was a fantastic evening, with three really good talks given. We learnt lots about search and SEO, and got actionable tips and ideas to help us every day. If you missed it, we would definitely recommend going next time!

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