My Placement Experience


Written by GlowMetrics Staff

August 22, 2019

This summer, I completed a 12-week placement with GlowMetrics, which has been a great experience and has helped me gain a more in-depth insight into the digital industry. This placement has helped me to understand what digital analytics has to offer and the benefits it can have. Digital Analytics is becoming more advanced, and this has helped me to become more aware of digital technology, which I will benefit a lot from in the future.

The team at GlowMetrics have been incredible in teaching me how to draw up reports using data studio, which I have found very interesting and useful. Data studio contains a wide range of tools which I got to play around with while creating a report for GlowMetrics and clients.
Before my time in GlowMetrics, I had a brief understanding of how important marketing was for businesses in promoting their image etc., However, throughout this placement, I have learned how a mix of media should be used when promoting a business to attract clients.

Furthermore, I used Google Ads to create keyword lists and ads to help businesses showcase their product/service on google. I loved this, writing compelling ad copy for a wide range of clients in all different sectors. It was so rewarding reporting on a campaign that I had worked on. I found this very interesting as it was something I never really thought about.

The experience I have gained from GlowMetrics will forever be valuable to me, especially when seeking a career in the business industry as I now know a lot regarding digital analytics and marketing. As well as getting a taste of what the real-life work environment entails. I now feel a lot more comfortable and confident about digital marketing, and it’s possibly a future career route, and that is all down to my incredible experience at GlowMetrics.

I would recommend doing a placement here as I have gained an entirely new skill set along with industry knowledge.
I want to thank Joanne and her team for giving me a chance at this placement. It has given me the confidence to explore future opportunities in Digital Analytics.

For now, it is back to Uni, but I am excited for my future career in whatever it may be.

– Niamh Faulkner



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