Shannon & Stephanie Take on Technical SEO with Learn Inbound

Written by Shannon Lafferty

Shannon is a Digital Analytics Executive at GlowMetrics with a BSc in Psychology from Queen’s University, Belfast and is currently undertaking a MSc in Marketing at Queen’s. Prior to joining GlowMetrics, Shannon worked in the marketing department at Axiom Global Inc. Belfast, where she discovered her strong interest for marketing, particularly in analytics. Shannon recently completed her Google Analytics and Google AdWords qualifications and is keen to expand her knowledge through her work at GlowMetrics. She is also looking forward to upskilling in SEO and SEM.
November 1, 2017

Last Friday, Stephanie and I had the pleasure to join Learn Inbound in Dublin for the SEO Technical training with the almighty Barry Adams! Not only did we leave the training with so much information and new techniques for SEO but we also had a great 24 hours down in the fair city of Dublin! Read on to find out what we got up to and all things Technical SEO…

We ventured down to Dublin on Thursday evening on the train. To be perfectly honest, we spent the whole week talking about where we would go for food (Sorry Joanne!). We ended up waiting 45 minutes to get a table at the famous Bunsen Burger and my god, was it worth it!! If you don’t believe me, check out the image below!!

We had an early start the next morning so unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy the Dublin nightlife as much as we would have like to BUT we had a great day to look forward to!

Rise and Shine

Despite the course not starting to 9am, Learn Inbound were excellent in offering a breakfast and a well needed coffee.  This was an excellent opportunity to meet everyone we would be attending the training with and to fuel up on some caffeine to prepare for the day ahead.  The Iconic Offices at the Brickhouse were AMAZING and would be an excellent meeting area for anyone who is looking for one in Dublin.  With our delicious coffees, we were ready to learn all things SEO.

After Barry finished his introductions (not that he needed one), we got straight in.  The course was really well led out with the modules building from the basics to the most technical elements of SEO.  As a beginner myself, I found this really helpful to rejig my memory as it has been a while since I dealt with anything SEO.  The module on search basics went over why SEO is important and of course, the three pillars of SEO: Technology, Relevance and Authority.

The day flew by with Barry going through everything from Web Infrastructure to Crawl Optimisation to the importance of Mobile SEO.  The course ranged from areas that we already were aware of but lack detailed information to elements such as Structured Data which including some ‘light’ coding.

Personally, the best part of the course for me was the last module on international SEO.  I have several clients who require experience on this and Barry’s module completely opened my eyes to how important it is for your SEO to consider international customers.

After a great but long day, it wasn’t long until we were both home and enjoying a well-deserved weekend drink!

We’d both like to thank Mark and Barry for an excellent day!  We have both came out of it with so much information and are excited to put what we have learned into practice!  We would HIGHLY recommend getting in on one of Barry’s courses or really, anything Learn Inbound offer!  We were so impressed with the organisation, friendliness and course content the day offered.  Hopefully, we will be back soon in the new year for another course.



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