Thinking about advertising on YouTube?

Written by Cristian Mercado

April 26, 2018

We’ve put together an image showing the different steps that you’ll go through when creating a video campaign and top tips when choosing settings:

Now here’s some tips to make your YouTube Ads campaign more efficient:

Tip 1

Consider leaving the “Video partners on the Display network” box unticked:

Why? Because Google has a large variety of display spaces for video advertising but by clicking this option we lose control of the ad distribution space and run the risk of having ads show on sites that’s not relevant to the content that is being promoted.

Tip 2:

Start by creating small target groups.

By creating small targeting groups, it will be easier to see what targeting options are working and what isn’t as campaigns start to collect data.

Tip 3:

Choose the right ad format – do you want to appear next to a video or before, after or during the video?

For YouTube advertising we have two format options to choose from In-stream ads (these play before, during or after the video) and Discovery ads- these ones appear next to related YouTube videos forming part of the search results.

Tip 4

Create interactive ads.

Nowadays, time is everything! And this applies to ad exposure time, especially when it’s video. When creating the storyline for your video ads, consider adding call to action buttons or links and try to get the attention of viewers in the first 6 seconds of the clip.

These 6 seconds are your chance to make impression or you run the risk of just becoming the background until the “Skip ad” button appears, and you don’t want that!

Tip 5

Create remarketing lists.

Did you know you can target your video to only people that you know have previously visited your site? So you can run campaigns to reinforce your brand or try to get previous users back to your site again to convert!





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