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Conversion Rate Optimisation with Google Optimize

Google Optimize

Use Analytical Insights to Test and Improve Customer Experience and Conversion Rates

Discover what works best for you and your customers. Through integrating audience research, website analysis, and consumer psychology, we can use Google Optimize to test multiple variations of your website, and identify the best customer experiences.

You don’t need to worry about too many statistics or complicated algorithms! Google Optimize allows us to expand upon the insights and recommendations we have found within data audit from Google Analytics. Cross-Product Data Integration means that we can also use customer insights from Google Ads, providing a compete experience for you and your customers.

We can actively test variations of your website in a live setting, providing you with real-time data of the new customer experience in comparison with the existing model.

Our 360° Approach to CRO

Why is CRO important:

Improves all main e-com metrics:

– Increases conversion rates

– Increases average order value

– Increases average purchase frequency

– Increases customer numbers

– Reduces cost per acquisition

– Reduces advertising wastage


In 2018, we ran our first Google Optimize tests on the Eyelids UK website. Through our analysis, insights, and audience research, we were able to identify potential changes to the website that would improve both customer experience and conversion rates.

In our first test, we changed the colour of the “Buy Now” “Add To Cart”, and “Checkout” buttons throughout the website from red to green. We tested the variation in comparison with the original designs in over 4,500 sessions, with 50% of customers experiencing the original and 50% being presented with the new design.

The controlled nature of the experiments and statistical analysis allowed us to ensure the observed benefits were a direct result of the changes we had recommended, and not influenced by chance.

We found that there was an increase of 9.6% to the conversion rate for checkout completions, and a 3.8% increase in terms of users who added items to their cart – all through changing the colour of some of the more prominent calls to action on the website.

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