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Google Analytics

Free? Tick! Easy To Implement? Tick! Collect Lots Of Rich Data? Tick!

We could rave forever about the benefits that Google Analytics brings to a business but due to lack of experience, education and time – most businesses leave Google Analytics data on the back burner, which is where we can help.
Over the years we’ve met plenty of businesses who feel drowned by the sheer volume of customer data that Google Analytics collects. While Measurement Validation can add to this, our Insights & Action piece will audit your data, make sense of it all and best of all tell customer stories with it.
We start with top line stats from the last 3-5 year’s data before we zone in on yearly, monthly and weekly performance of your website. Merging this with website changes and marketing plans, we review customer types, how you acquire traffic, user behaviour with your website or mobile platform and understanding the engagement map they follow before they convert.
Our Action piece then sits on the back of Insights and provides you with recommendations on how to capitalise on customer insights. We have years of experience in measuring, executing and optimising marketing campaigns and, mixed with Google Analytics data, we provide recommendations that help your business find and engage with your customers better.

With our Insight & Action piece we always aim to hold an honest, independent view – we aren’t here to tell a positive story if the data tells us otherwise. Our objective is to help the business grow through raw and honest insight.

But the proof is in the pudding, right? We’ve been building customer insights for years now. During that time we’ve been lucky to be able to collect quite a few client testimonials and case studies. Alongside being Google Tag Manager Certified, we are also Google Analytics Certified having gone through a rigorous process to be validated by Google. We’re one of the chosen few certified agencies in Ireland.

We’ve carried out comprehensive Insight and Action projects for well known brands including ESB, Today FM, VHI and Barnardo’s (which won an Eir Spider).

Check out our Testimonial and Case Study pages for more details.

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