Looker Studio

Looker Studio Turns your Data into Informative, Easy to Read, Easy to Share, and Fully Customisable Dashboards & Reports.

Every business compiles reports, right? It’s often a time-consuming process, manually recording KPIs in a spreadsheet. Here’s where we come in. We typically use Looker Studio to create fully customised, visually-themed reports which automatically update your data in real time. Game changer.

Building Beautiful Reports that Help you Visualise Performance

Looker Studio is Google’s free platform for data visualisation and reporting, allowing you to create fully customisable, interactive, and automated dashboards. Looker Studio is integrated with a range of Google products, as well as various external sources and databases.

With a tailored Looker Studio data dashboard, you can be sure that the data most relevant to you and your business is displayed in a way that’s easy to interpret and follows a logical flow. This means that you can spend more time on the really important stuff: analysis and decision-making.

Using methods of data visualisation allows for the relevant information to be interpreted more clearly, and more efficiently. Relationships and patterns can be more easily discovered, trends can be identified more quickly, and reports can be designed to provide a one-stop overview of your database and business.

Benefits of Looker Studio


Looker Studio can be connected to live data sources, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Big Query, meaning that these reports will update in real-time just as those sources do. This process can be entirely automated as well, so once a report is set up, it is ready whenever you need it.


Looker Studio dashboards can be interacted with by the user, allowing readers to easily change date ranges, filter by various dimensions such as region, device, or customer segment, and you can even embed videos and webpages.


Every Looker Studio report is unique, and highly customisable. They can be tailored to specific requirements, ensuring that the most relevant data is collated in an easily interpreted way for those who need it. You can even add multiple pages, each with a different level of depth and detail.

Easy To Share

Looker Studio dashboards can be quickly and easily shared with others, and can be as open or as secure as you need. Entire dashboards, or individual reports, can also be downloaded as a PDF, to be printed or shared offline.

We will work with you to understand your business, help to define your KPIs and identify your reporting requirements. We can then connect your data sources and create a fully customised and bespoke Looker Studio data dashboard for you and your business. This means that you can focus on the important decision-making process instead of grappling with numbers in a spreadsheet. Reporting made simple.

We’ve been working with Google Analytics data for over 15 years now and as Google Analytics certified partners, can connect to programme resources that allow us access to monthly feature releases, technical training and partner product forums. We also get access to the annual partner summit allowing us to speak to and hear directly from the Google Product teams who make exclusive pre-launch announcements

Client Success...


Client Success...

GlowMetrics were approached by Support To Perform to help provide a key element of an upcoming corporate wellness programme known as The 100 Day Challenge. The challenge involved hundreds of participants tracking their physical activities and exercise on a daily basis, working towards greater fitness and health goals, with a custom data dashboard required to act as a real-time, interactive leaderboard.

Challenge Participants

Leaderboard Sessions

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