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Social Advertising

Targeting Your Audience By Their Personal Attributes With Social Advertising

Yes, paid search is still the dominant channel for UK and Irish advertisers and works a treat, but what if you want to expand your reach-by targeting customers by conversation, occupation or by followers or friends already connected to your brand? This is where social advertising (+ we) can help! We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn ad platforms to complement clients’ search campaigns.

Tracking and measurement has come on leaps and bounds since the early days of relying on impressions, reach and click-through-rate for social measurement, which is why we are more of a fan now than we ever have been. The opportunity to remarket, data capture, track social impact in the funnel (through attribution) and gain more insight into personas has opened up a range of benefits that social advertising can have, that in some cases, SEM can’t yet provide.

Based on your objectives, target audience and historical engagement with your customer, we develop a customised strategy around the best use of social advertising, and detail suitable targeting options, ad copy messages, formats and campaign types, best suited to reach and engage with current or potential audiences.

And given our obsession with tracking and measurement, you can be sure that we’ll try to tie any campaign that we run back to concrete metrics, leaving the vanity metrics behind.