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Are you swimming in a sea of Google Analytics data?

Have you been using Google Analytics for a while now but feel like you could be getting more out of it? Google Analytics can collect a wealth of visitor information with just one tag, but knowing how to slice and dice this data – to go further than just producing standard reports – allows you to spend less time searching for insights and more time making them actionable.



This advanced Google Analytics course will take you past the basic uses of Google Analytics to look at how the product works, before checking that you’ve structured your Google Analytics account correctly to collect as much useful data as possible. We will sense-check goals and funnel reports and 3rd party account linking before teaching you how best to slice, dice and use visitor data through the use of custom dimensions, attribution reporting, advanced segmentation, remarketing lists and advanced filtering. We will also look at pushing additional data through Google Tag Manager and finish with building reports in Data Studio.


  • Those who have been working with Google Analytics for some time but are stuck on producing standard reports that don’t produce actionable insight.
  • Digital Marketing Managers or Directors who want to be confident in using Google Analytics data to track and analyse campaigns run either in-house or by their agency.
  • Small Business Owners who want to gain an in-depth understanding of how they can use Google Analytics data to connect better with their customers


After completing this training, participants will be better equipped with knowledge on how to use Google Tag Manager to add additional tracking to their website,
use Google Analytics to build customer segments to analyse cohort behaviour and produce visual, automated reports with Data Studio.

Module 1

Creating a Measurement Plan

We’ll start by covering the mechanics behind how Google Analytics works to collect visitor data, how to ensure tracking codes are working and how to create a measurement plan for your business.

Module 5

Google Data Studio

We’ll cover the pros and cons of Data Studio, building reports using connectors, configuration of widgets and adding filters and segments to reports.

Module 2

Collecting Actionable Data

We’ll cover configuring your account correctly to collect full and accurate data that can help build customer segments.

Module 3

Analysing Google Analytics Reports

We’ll then use Google Analytics reporting functions to help build customer stories and learn how to look for those that we can produce actionable insights from.

Module 4

Google Tag Manager

We’ll look at how you can use Google Tag Manager to easily track additional data about visitors including custom dimension, event and virtual pageview tracking.

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