Google Ads Training

Inject some life into your Google Ads Campaigns and optimise towards sales

The Google Ads platform is one of the most widely used by businesses to help drive traffic and sales on a site. This course can be customised to those who are new to Google Ads or to those that have an existing account but feel like it could be performing better.

Training to allow you to expand and optimise your Google Ads options

Google Ads is where we started over 15 years ago, and although some of the basic mechanics of how things work haven’t changed…

Google have diversified their platform beyond Search into Display, Shopping, Video, and Mobile adding a lot of opportunities for businesses to grow through more targeted, personalised and engaging ad formats.
We take the knowledge that we’ve built up over the years, including what we’ve seen work and not work while managing our own client’s budgets- to deliver to you a course that covers best practice with a mix of best learnings. We’ll cover the options that Google Ads offers to allow you to target users, discuss which options are best fitted to your objectives and the audience types you want to reach. We’ll then look at how to measure performance, how often you should be tweaking campaigns and tactics that you can use to optimise campaigns.
From Smart Shopping to Dynamic Remarketing- we can cover the areas and options that we believe will reach the right people and drive the best results.
During our training courses we cover:
  • Overview and recent updates within each Google Ads area
  • Matching objectives with channel
  • Review of campaign targetingReview of ad copy/content options
  • Bidding and budget options
  • Management and Optimisation
  • Analysis, Reporting & Tools
With bespoke training courses we perform research on any current Google Ads account so participants can relate to the material and leave with a set of recommendations either implemented during training or post-training.
SEAT, SKODA, Electric Ireland, Clayton Hotels and Naturalife – these are just some of the clients that we’ve built customised training courses for and we’ve delivered training in conjunction with the UK Google Ads Support team, in Google’s EU headquarters.

Client Success...

Client Success...

Folens approached us in spring 2020 to help them craft a series of workshops- to be focused on digital campaign optimisation and help support their marketing team in running campaigns across Google, Facebook and Twitter. The result was:

hours of training

digital marketing areas covered

Tips and Tricks delivered

Client Success...

ŠKODA Ireland approached us about delivering Google Ads training to their dealers after a recommendation from SEAT who we had built and delivered a similar training session for. Each dealership got to visit Google, Dublin and left the training sessions with a pre-built ads account and checklist on how to manage their account alongside a free voucher for ad spend.

representatives from Skoda dealerships attended

vouchers were used as campaign incentives

of the dealerships continue to invest heavily in Google Ads