Stage Entertainment (Consultancy)

With offices in seven different countries, a fragmented digital landscape, a classic ‘waterfall’ mindset and limited in-house eCommerce capabilities…realising a digital transformation and a new digital landscape was a major challenge for Stage Entertainment.

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Stage Entertainment (Consultancy)

What we achieved…


tags across 5 websites


successful GAIQ graduates


suites of custom dashboards

The digital transformation of Stage Entertainment got named ‘Next Stage’. The official kick-off took place in the presence of various departments from different countries, the headquarters and external partners including GlowMetrics. Next Stage soon became a movement within the organization. The manifest was simple: No more decisions based on opinions or gut feelings alone. From now on, all new concepts, UX Design and website optimizations will be validated with customer data and customer feedback through UX and A/B tests, User Interviews. The result was a brand-new digital landscape across 5 local and global websites.

Our support in helping Stage achieve the above included:

1. Google Tag Manager: Custom GTM tracking including 200+ tags across five websites covering markets in NL, ES, DE, FR and their corporate website. This implementation facilitated more in-depth user behaviour analysis, advanced KPI tracking and A/B testing.

2. Google Analytics: Facilitated the move from a free version of Google Analytics to an Enterprise level version to ensure a smooth transition to a consistent, data-led account configuration.

3. Google Data Studio: To better visualise the client’s data, we produced a series of dynamic and interactive dashboards, including an overview for a Google Analytics 360 Roll-up Property, customised reports for individual markets’ requirements, and real-time data and results from A/B tests in Google Optimize.

4. Google Optimise: We also helped to design and implement an ongoing testing structure using Google Optimize. This involved creating and conducting multiple A/B tests to identify areas of potential optimisation, using live data from real users. These iterative tests provide data driven evidence as to the impact of each aspect changed on the website, the basis of which can be used to continuously improve the user experience and conversion rate.

GlowMetrics is very service orientated, fast, down to earth and always able to deliver high quality support in our digital transformation journey.

Martijn Spaargaren

Stage Entertainment