Speedy Reg (Google Optimise)

Having worked closely together for a number of years managing Speedy Reg’s SEO, they wanted to explore further methods of enhancing their website, both in terms of user experience and conversion rates. We conducted a full analysis of the website and audience, recommending several user experience optimisation tests.

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Speedy Reg (Google Optimise)

What we achieved…


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Increase to Conversion Rate


One of our proposed A/B tests involved changing the text on Call To Action buttons that appear next to each product throughout the website, primarily shown to the users when browsing search results, product lists and category pages. We changed the text from Buy / Enquire to More Info, and tested these two variations over nearly 14,500 sessions, finding a 90.99% increase in the number of clicks for our new design.

However this test didn’t reveal the overall optimal design, so we set up a second iteration of the experiment, introducing three additional text changes: Buy Now, View and Details. We tested all five variations of the button across more than 41,250 sessions, with each variation being presented to 20% of users. We found that three of the four new designs significantly improved Click Through Rate, with More Info generating the biggest improvement of 81%, as well as an increase of 93% for conversion rate. This second test confirmed that More Info is the best design choice for these CTA buttons on the website, optimising both user experience and conversion rates.

We’ve worked with GlowMetrics since 2014 – we started with a SEO audit before they took over monthly management of our SEO. Just last month we achieved the highest organic traffic levels since mid 2012. They have also recently been helping us build on our social presence and organic social traffic has risen 969%.

Jayne Henry

Speedy Reg