Support To Perform provide solutions to help optimise the health and wellbeing of their clients’ workforces and employees, to both enhance engagement and maximise productivity. This includes offering personalised health and wellness coaching services, group programmes, and wellbeing opportunities.

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GlowMetrics were tasked with finding an innovative solution as to how data from a new wellness programme, The 100 Day Challenge, could be presented back to each participant in a way that would maintain interest, excitement, and engagement throughout the duration of the challenge. Google Data Studio provided an excellent and accessible platform for data visualisation.

Our experience with creating more traditional data reports for Analytics and Ecommerce clients helped greatly in being able to adapt the platform to a more bespoke dashboard. We were able to provide participants with a simple interface to explore their performance in the Challenge, with a number of key benefits for all involved:

  • Participants: Improved user experience; Ease of access to information; Real-time dynamic data; Clear presentation of performance data through specially crafted data visualisation.
  • Developers: Reduced workload due to the automation of certain aspects of the data; Clear and consistent data structure that leads to more efficient outputs and uploads.
  • Creators: Ability to make immediate fixes, changes, and optimisations; Opportunity to create new elements, dimensions, and metrics, without relying on external parties; Ongoing analysis on the performance of the dashboard.

I have been delighted by the data analytics solution provided by GlowMetrics for this important corporate wellness project. The design was visually impressive and functionality was faultless for all users across all devices, serving to become a very engaging platform which has created a positive buzz across the entire user group.

Jonathan Bloomfield

Support To Perform