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You might have noticed recently a new parameter has appeared in your Google Analytics reports.  Your nice clean URL structure has been taken over by this ‘fbclid’ parameter and its long string of letters, numbers and characters.  Thankfully, there’s a simple fix to clean up your reports again – which we’ll discuss below but first…

What is FBCLID?

The ‘fbclid’ parameter that you’re seeing in your Google Analytics reports is a new parameter which Facebook is adding to outbound links shared on Facebook.  So if a link to your site is shared on Facebook now, and someone clicks on it to visit your site, Facebook is adding this parameter to the link.  ‘FBCLID’ is a Facebook Click Identifier.  We haven’t seen any official documentation on what it does but we’d guess it’s a response to recent news that some browsers (e.g. Safari) will soon block third-party tracking cookies.

What is FBCLID? How To Remove FBCLID.

How Do I Remove FBCLID from Google Analytics?

The ‘fix’ for this is a really simple one, thankfully, but it won’t remove the parameter from any data that is already in your GA account as it’s not possible to retroactively delete or edit any data in Google Analytics.  So if you’re annoyed by this ‘fbclid’, the sooner you implement this small change, the better.

All you have to do is go to your View Settings, and under ‘Exclude URL Query Parameters’, add ‘fbclid’.  If you already have some other parameters in there, keep them as they are and add this one – ensuring it’s a comma-separated list.


…and that’s it! Easy! We’re not sure if this is a permanent change from Facebook – but the above fix will strip the ‘fbclid’ parameter from your Google Analytics reports and keep your data clean.

If you have any problems implementing – get in touch, we’re always happy to help.