Chartered Accountants Ireland

In the early stages of a website redevelopment project, Chartered Accountants Ireland contacted us to conduct an audit on the existing tracking on the website, with a view towards helping to implement tracking and reporting for their upcoming redesigned site.

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Chartered Accountants Ireland

What we achieved…


Personalised Experiences


Increase to Form Completion


Increase to Account Creation

This required establishing a tracking set-up that would ensure as much accurate, meaningful data was captured from user interactions as possible, providing a better understanding of visitors, in addition to an optimised user experience and website functionality. All of these factors could ultimately be used to identify actionable insights towards making strategy, data-driven business decisions.

1) Google Analytics Audit: An extensive Analytics audit highlighted significant areas of potential improvement. We resolved any outstanding issues, ensuring best practice setup while making optimisations and improvements across the account.

2) Google Tag Manager Implementation: We greatly expanded on the tracking capabilities of the site, adding an array of tags for tracking events and other user interactions. We also created Custom Dimensions, allowing users to be placed into audience segments based on on-site actions and behaviour.

3) Reporting with Google Data Studio: We created 8 custom dashboards, that allowed for the easy interpretation and distribution of visual representations of the website data.

4) Ongoing Consultancy: Using the tracking capabilities implemented earlier in the process, and the visual dashboards used to best represent the collected data, we could provide numerous actionable insights on a monthly basis.

Our initial project with Chartered Accountant Ireland won an Eir Spider in 2018 and 4 years since we started working with Chartered Accountants Ireland we are still their digital analytics consultancy partners and continue to provide ongoing, bespoke consultancy and training.

Working with GlowMetrics has given us access to expertise which we do not have in-house. GlowMetrics listened to our requirements and delivered a range of dashboards for different departments who are all targeting different goals. They were very fast in translating our requirements into goals and reports. We also have started using Google Data Studio which makes it easy to analyse traffic by audience type. Once set-up we can manipulate the parameters ourselves, which makes it very versatile for us. We are very happy with the level of support we get.

Lorna Daly

Chartered Accountants Ireland