Google Ads Management

Drive awareness, traffic and conversions through Google Ads paid campaigns

Confused about where to start and how to launch an effective Pay Per Click campaign? Are your existing Google Ads Campaigns not bringing in the expected results for the money, time and effort you’re putting in? Our team of Google Ads certified experts can help.

Using the full stack of Google Advertising options to deliver performance-based campaigns

You know your business best. That’s why collaboration is fundamental to our approach. First, we want to learn all about your business, to find out what’s important to you and most importantly, find out what your goals are.

We start with an in-depth analysis of your existing Google Ads campaigns if you already have an account or put together a proposal for a new account build if you don’t. We’ll then develop a strategy that’s going to deliver the results you want with tailored campaigns that are right for your business and goals.

Forget One Size Fits All

Every client is different. Every business is different. That’s why you’ll receive a Google Ads proposal tailored to your business with recommendations for which Google Ads networks you should use based on your goals and budget; including Search, Display, Video (YouTube) or Google Shopping.

Results Focused: We Focus on the Metrics That Matter (To You)

Some clients care about clicks, some care about impressions but everyone cares about the bottom line. Whether your goals are form submissions, phone calls, PDF downloads or sales we can set up website tracking via Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, so you know exactly how much Google Ads is contributing to your business goals.
We send detailed monthly reports through Google Data Studio, which provide meaningful insights into what’s happening with your Google Ads campaigns, details of what we’ve been doing to your account and recommendations into how we can improve your campaigns further.

We use a mix of standard and custom/analytics-based audience lists as part of campaign targeting and power this with machine-learning-based insights to optimise campaigns.

Our team have experience working across a wide range of industries and sectors and have the knowledge and experience to ensure your campaigns generate the best possible results.

Client Success...


Client Success...

Eyelids Reading Glasses offer good value reading glasses online. They wanted to use Google Ads to attract more customers and more sales to their website. We now run campaigns in 5 languages across 9 European countries enjoying year-on-year growth in sales and revenue.

In the last year alone:


Increase in revenue


increase in PPC sales


drop in PPC Cost/conversion

Client Success...

The Buddy Bear Trust is a Registered Charity that uses Conductive Education to help children with cerebral palsy and motor disorders. Set-up over 20 years ago, the school can only admit 12 children on a part-time basis and receives limited funding from the government. We worked with the school to successfully apply for the Google Grant programme.

media grant per year

extra visitors to the website

donation enquiries


Client Success...

Ibec Training wanted to promote their range of accredited Management Training courses. We recommended a lead generation campaign on LinkedIn due to its unbeatable B2B targeting options using a range of detailed audience targeting and asset-based targeting.
Results included:

leads per month on average

leads generated in 2019


increase in leads in 1 year

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