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Elevate your brand’s visibility, attract targeted traffic, and drive conversions with our expertly crafted Google PPC campaigns.

Feeling overwhelmed with the complexities of launching a successful paid search or PPC campaign? Are your current Google Ads falling short of delivering the desired return on ad spend (ROAS), despite your best efforts? Our team of Google Ads experts can help.

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Leverage the full spectrum of the Google Ads platform to deliver bespoke performance based campaigns

We understand that your business is unlike any other, which is why collaboration lies at the heart of our approach. Our first step is to delve deep into understanding your business, uncovering what matters most to you, and, most importantly, identifying your goals.

Whether you already have existing Google Ads campaigns or are starting from scratch, we begin with a comprehensive analysis of your current PPC setup or propose a strategy for a new account build. 

From there, we develop a bespoke PPC marketing strategy designed to suit your business and objectives, to ensure that every click counts.

Why Choose GlowMetrics as Your PPC Partner?

At GlowMetrics,  we understand that every client has unique objectives. Some prioritise lead generation, while others focus on sales and revenue. Whatever your bottom line, we’re committed to aligning our efforts with your specific goals; we focus on the PPC Metrics that matter to you.

To track the impact of your Google Ads campaigns accurately, we implement robust website tracking through Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4. This enables us to measure key actions such as form submissions, bookings, PDF downloads, or sales, providing you with clear insights into campaign performance.

Regular, detailed reports delivered via Google Looker Studio offer transparency into campaign progress, showcasing our actions and providing actionable recommendations for further optimisation.

Utilising a blend of standard and custom audience lists, alongside analytics-based insights, we fine-tune campaign targeting. Powered by machine-learning algorithms, we continuously optimise your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

With a diverse portfolio spanning industries like SAAS, automotive, apparel, and the non-profit sector, our team brings extensive experience to the table. Rest assured, we have the expertise to ensure your Google paid search and PPC campaigns deliver exceptional results.

Paid Search & PPC Services We Offer:

Google Search Ads – Reach an intent-driven audience seeking your business through Paid Search Ads. We carry out thorough keyword research, write engaging ad copy and continuously optimise campaigns using data-driven insight.

Google Display Ads – Boost brand visibility & engagement with strategic Google Display campaigns. Target audiences effectively by showcasing your ads on relevant websites, ensuring maximum exposure to your ideal customer. 

Google Video Ads (YouTube) – Reach large audiences & expand your visibility with Video Ads on YouTube. With diverse ad formats and precise targeting, we tailor strategies to retarget previous visitors and attract new customers. 

Google Demand Gen AdsElevate visibility & convert prospects to customers with Demand Gen Ads (formerly Discovery Ads) with visually engaging content & strategic placements across Google Discover, YouTube & Gmail.

Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns – PMAX harnesses machine learning to dynamically choose ad formats & bidding strategies, unlocking the power of Google Ads across all platforms.

Google Shopping Integrated with Google SERPs, Google Shopping can significantly boost your bottom line. You can add products for free but leveraging paid Google Ads enhances reach within SERPS and Google Shopping.

Google Merchant Center ManagementWe ensure your Google Merchant Center account is fine-tuned to enhance Performance Max and Google Shopping campaigns, driving optimal visibility and conversions.

Combine the Strengths of PPC and SEO

It’s a common pitfall for businesses to opt for PPC campaigns or an SEO strategy, or worse, they run both but keep them entirely separate. 

However, a combined PPC and SEO strategy can be a game-changer for fostering overall growth, boosting website traffic, and driving conversions throughout the buyer journey.  Sounds good, right?

Our SEO services

Better Together: Paid Search and Paid Social

Why choose between paid search and paid social when you can have the best of both worlds? At GlowMetrics we go beyond specialising in just paid search and Google Ads. We’re also masters of the paid social. Whether you’re looking to launch campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, or any other social media platform, we’ve got you covered.

By combining these powerful advertising channels, we can amplify your brand’s visibility and drive results like never before.

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Client Success



"GlowMetrics' knowledge of all things paid media is unmatched, they are true subject matter experts and also brilliant to work with. They’re fast, thoughtful, strategic and proactive."


lower Cost-Per-Acquisition than Industry Benchmarks


increase in Leads and Key Report Downloads


decrease to Avg. Paid Media Cost-Per-Click

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Ibec – Workplace Wellbeing Day

"Ibec has worked with GlowMetrics on a number of analytics and digital marketing projects- from ensuring our websites are fully trackable to auditing our Google Ads accounts and running digital...


organic sign ups in 24 hours


social reactions


more leads than 2019 campaign

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Fine Gael

"The GlowMetrics team were very timely in their response to emails, proactive in coming up with new ideas throughout the duration of the campaign and had great attention to detail...


Key targeted campaigns


Main KPIs


Taoiseach from Fine Gael to win re-election

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