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Everything That We Do At GlowMetrics Is Underpinned By Digital Data

From tracking clicks on PDF downloads to percentage scroll depth on pages, from creating custom dimensions based on user behavior so we can track tyre-kickers against highly probable customers, to segmenting users based on any input field that they select on a form- our objective is to track as much as we can, to build a warehouse of data that tells us as much as possible about visitors to your website, providing you with customer stories to generate continuous actionable insights based on a concrete, verified and accurate user data.

Our Analytics services fall into 6 categories:

 1. Data Collection  – Google Tag Manager is used to track users’ experience, and collect relevant data.

 2. Data Analysis  – We can then use this data to conduct analysis and provide insights using Google Analytics.

 3. Data Visualisation  – Google Data Studio allows us to provide an interactive data visualisation in customised reports.

 4. User Experience Testing  – Enhance user experiences and conversion rates through user testing with Google Optimize.

 5. Training  – Specialised training courses in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio.

 6. Ongoing Support  – We combine all of these factors to deliver ongoing support, management, and consultancy.