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Giving Back

Google Ads grants for non-profit organisations

Imagine what you could do with $10,000 free advertising every month from Google Ads! If you’re a registered charity we can help you apply for the Google Grants programme and best of all we don’t charge.

Free Media + Free Consultancy = Less Time Worrying About Your Online Presence + More Time To Spend Elsewhere

How It works?

Google Grants works with more than 20,000 nonprofits across more than 50 countries to help with PPC Advertising. In order to qualify for a Google Ads Grant, your nonprofit must be based in one of these countries:


“GlowMetrics has voluntarily worked with the Buddy Bear Trust since 2009. During that time they have helped increase our online presence via social, search and online PR and were key to getting close to £7,000 free media investment per month on Google for the last 3 years via Google grants. This alone has generated over 50,000 extra visitors to the website.”

Brendan Mc Conville

Chairman, Buddy Bear Trust