Search Engine Optimisation Training

Boost the visibility of your website on Google’s organic search listings

Getting your website to a high position on Google’s paid listings is relatively easy, getting top position organically can be hard. We don’t guarantee you first position after this training but we do help you reach it by helping you understand what Google looks for when assessing who appears where.

Training to allow you to reach higher organic positions on Google

Figuring out how to get people to your website without a media spend can be one of the biggest challenges for any online company but we can help!

We’ve years of experience trying to get our clients websites to appear higher and you’ll see in some of the case studies across our site, the results we’ve achieved.
Our search engine optimisation training course can be created as a bespoke training programme and is designed to upskill participants to facilitate the management of SEO efforts in-house in order to maintain or improve ranking, traffic and conversions.
Our training course normally covers at minimum:
  • The mechanics behind SEO
  • Writing for the web
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Website architecture and navigation
  • Understanding the search console reports
  • Planning and executing an inbound linking campaign
  • Tools and tips to measure SEO performance
We’ve built and delivered bespoke training courses for established brands across a range of industries including Media, Finance, Healthcare, Utilities and Automotive. With our in-house practical experience and experience in delivering training, we believe we’ve got the perfect mix to help you build your in-house knowledge in search engine optimisation.

Client Success...

Client Success...

Folens approached us in spring 2020 to help them craft a series of workshops- to be focused on digital campaign optimisation and help support their marketing team in running campaigns across Google, Facebook and Twitter. The result was:

hours of training

digital marketing areas covered

Tips and Tricks delivered

Client Success...

ŠKODA Ireland approached us about delivering Google Ads training to their dealers after a recommendation from SEAT who we had built and delivered a similar training session for. Each dealership got to visit Google, Dublin and left the training sessions with a pre-built ads account and checklist on how to manage their account alongside a free voucher for ad spend.

representatives from Skoda dealerships attended

vouchers were used as campaign incentives

of the dealerships continue to invest heavily in Google Ads