Social Ads Management

Drive awareness, traffic & conversions through the biggest social network ad platforms

Paid search is one of the most dominant channels for UK and Irish advertisers. But what if you want to expand your reach by targeting customers by conversation, occupation or by followers or friends already connected to your brand?

Managing Ad campaigns across the biggest social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

With over 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users, 1.8 billion on YouTube not forgetting Instagram with 1 billion! There are huge opportunities to capture your audience on social. We select the most appropriate channel based on your objectives and use historical data analysis to fine-tune campaign options within each channel.

We craft our message and eye-catching creative to seize the right audience, at the right time. We then deliver and optimise campaigns against your objectives and track right the way through to results- using both ad platform and website analytics data to measure and tweak repeatedly.
We have a fantastic team of experts who have several years’ experience in creating and executing social advertising campaigns. Our paid social advertising experts create compelling ad copy and stunning creative to help capture the attention of your finely targeted audience. Our audience targeting looks at both standard and custom-built audiences, using pixel tracking as a way to both audience build and conversion track.
There are various social platforms you can advertise on, we specialise on running intelligence-based campaigns across the following channels:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Client Success...


Client Success...

Eyelids Reading Glasses offer good value reading glasses online. They wanted to use Google Ads to attract more customers and more sales to their website. We now run campaigns in 5 languages across 9 European countries enjoying year-on-year growth in sales and revenue.

In the last year alone:


Increase in revenue


increase in PPC sales


drop in PPC Cost/conversion

Client Success...

Folens approached us in spring 2020 to help them craft a series of workshops- to be focused on digital campaign optimisation and help support their marketing team in running campaigns across Google, Facebook and Twitter. The result was:

hours of training

digital marketing areas covered

Tips and Tricks delivered

Digital Marketing Insight