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Drive awareness, traffic & conversions with Meta Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger), LinkedIn Ads and other social platforms.

Paid search is one of the most dominant channels for UK and Irish advertisers – but what if you want to target customers based on their interests, occupations or by followers already connected to your brand?  Our expert team can help.

Get Started with Social Ads

What’s the best platform and method to reach your target audience?

With new platforms, content types, ads types & new policies constantly being released, the complex questions of where, when and how a company should start social ads are common bottlenecks.

At GlowMetrics, we view these challenges as opportunities. Opportunity to seize the right audience, at the right time, on the most appropriate channels to meet your business goals.

We pride ourselves on staying in front of developments on the platforms we work in, with continuous learning and testing all part of gaining the best results.

Year after year, we continue to see growth in active users across all major social media networks.  While this is great for users on the channels, it is excellent for businesses who wish to explore advertising opportunities.

 With the standard of development set by Google Ads, the social media advertising platforms are continuously developing new ad types, ad features, ML & AI models to help their advertisers get the best results from their ads platform.  As a result, new opportunities for companies to expand into paid media are growing.

Is a Social Media Consultant right for you? 

Finding the best digital marketing agency can be tricky… at GlowMetrics, we work with our clients to gain the results they want, with the second motive of educating and informing you along the way.

We ensure that all our work and reporting is as transparent as possible, as we believe working closely with you garners the best results. Here is below example of how are process works:

    • We will meet with you to understand your business and campaign objectives, budgets, target audience and ideas.
    • We understand that every client, business and campaign is different. Therefore, we will work with you to draft up bespoke campaigns for whichever platform we believe is best suited for the task.
    • Whether your goals are form submissions, phone calls, PDF downloads, sales or awareness we can set up website tracking for the social media platform of choice via Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, so you know exactly how much your campaigns/platforms are contributing to your goals.
    • While running the campaigns for you, we will send detailed reports using Google Looker Studio, providing meaningful insight into how your campaigns are running.
    • Our experts monitor and track all social campaigns to optimise to the best-performing ads, so you can be sure your dollars are going the distance.


There’s never been a better time to run Ads on Social Channels!

Our expert team have extensive experience designing & running campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X (Twitter).


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Client Success



"GlowMetrics' knowledge of all things paid media is unmatched, they are true subject matter experts and also brilliant to work with. They’re fast, thoughtful, strategic and proactive."


lower Cost-Per-Acquisition than Industry Benchmarks


increase in Leads and Key Report Downloads


decrease to Avg. Paid Media Cost-Per-Click

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Ibec – Workplace Wellbeing Day

"Ibec has worked with GlowMetrics on a number of analytics and digital marketing projects- from ensuring our websites are fully trackable to auditing our Google Ads accounts and running digital...


organic sign ups in 24 hours


social reactions


more leads than 2019 campaign

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Ibec Academy

"Ibec has worked with GlowMetrics on a number of analytics and digital marketing projects- from ensuring our websites are fully trackable to auditing our Google Ads accounts and running digital...


leads per month on average


leads generated in 2019


increase in leads in 1 year

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