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Grow your business through data and actionable insights

Google Analytics provides a wealth of information about traffic to your website and apps. The problem is, with so much data, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees.  That’s where we help.  We break the data down into more digestible audience stories, cleaning the data so you’re left with the stories that matter, the insights that need to be acted upon.

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Reading between the lines to help you understand visitor behaviour

Over the years we’ve met plenty of businesses who feel drowned by the sheer volume of customer data that Google Analytics collects. You might have numbers that don’t match, metrics with unclear meanings, or you’re maybe unsure how to read them or understand the context behind them.

While the purpose of our Google Tag Manager service is to add layers of data to Google Analytics to track the more intricate details of how visitors engage with a site, our Google Analytics service aims to drill down on standard and custom built layers of data to help build stories.

More times than not, this means starting with cleaning up the data before making sense of it – looking at account, property and view configurations to ensure initially, the account structure is set-up to reflect best practice. This normally includes configuring goals and funnels, creating filters to exclude internal traffic, remove query parameters or to create multiple views to only report on sub sections, sub domains, separate domains or creating content groups, defining channel groupings and building out remarketing lists and advanced segments

Then the insights and action piece can start – this is where we will audit your data, make sense of it all and, best of all tell customer stories with it.

Our action piece then sits on the back of insights and provides you with recommendations on how to capitalise on customer insights. We have years of experience in measuring, executing and optimising marketing campaigns and, mixed with Google Analytics data, we provide recommendations that help your business find and engage with your customers better.

We start with a top line review of previous years data before we zone in on yearly, monthly and weekly performance of your website. Merging this with website changes and marketing plans, we review customer types, analyse how you acquire traffic, map this to user behaviour and use this to help understand key paths that users make before they decide whether to convert or not.

But the proof is in the pudding, right? We’ve been building customer insights for years now. During that time we’ve been lucky to be able to collect lots of client testimonials from happy customers.

Being Google Analytics Certified means we’ve gone through a rigorous process to be validated by Google. We’re one of the chosen few certified agencies in Ireland.

We’ve carried out comprehensive Google Analytics projects for well known brands including ESB, Today FM, VHI and Barnardo’s (which won an Eir Spider).

We’ve been working with Google Analytics data for over 15 years now and as Google Analytics certified partners, can connect to programme resources that allow us access to monthly feature releases, technical training and partner product forums.

We also get access to the annual GMP Partner Summit to speak to, and hear directly from, the Google Product teams, where we can provide direct feedback and hear exclusive pre-launch announcements.


Client Success


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A/B Tests designed and conducted


Experiment sessions observed in testing programmes

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Carrolls Irish Gifts

"Their team are easy to work with and demonstrate a deep understanding in the area, regardless of the challenge we've thrown at them."


Tags in Google Tag Manager


Months of Consultancy & Support


Looker Studio Dashboards

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"The projects ran very smoothly, we felt supported, had our questions answered and improved our knowledge of Google Analytics. I would definitely recommend GlowMetrics to anyone looking to improve their...


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Countries moved to one Global Measurement Framework


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